Wojhati: A smarter way to plan your public transport city trips

By Team Feedbaac on 24-08-2017 08:43:18

We all know that a majority of people in Dubai uses the public transport buses and metro on a daily basis, mainly because of convenience to travel to different places at affordable expenses. The only issue is that we wouldn’t know when the next bus or train will reach the station, except to just guess when will it come. So why not use an app that can help you plan your daily trips efficiently.

Introducing Wojhati, an app made by RTA that basically helps you to search for the best Dubai bus/metro timings that’s comfortable for you. Simply enter the starting point and destination, and you will be represented with the latest expected arrival timings of the metro, and the total time needed to reach the destination. The app can also locate your position with the help of GPS. I would say the timings are in-point accuracy, because while I tried this feature for several of my metro trips, the trains arrived a minute earlier than what the app provided. Close enough! It possibly might be due to sudden technical faults, or because of the busy metro times.

You can also search for the incoming busses that will stop to the nearest bus-stop based on where you are located. Each and every bus, and its next destination have been listed out briefly. Once you click on one of the listing choices, the app will provide you with options such a “How do I get there”, More information, show on map, and a downloadable timetable. The app provides a step by step route to guide you to the next stop.

The app also provides the latest transport updates based on route changes.

There is also a feature called the Augmented Reality that basically shows the nearest important landmarks and metro stations by just panning through any scene using the camera. You can add custom point of interests using categories such as government, common landmarks and public buildings.

RTA has also provided a step by step instruction guide on how to use the app, which can be very helpful for many people. It’s very rare to find apps that offer guides on how to use them. Overall, the Wojhati app is very useful for planning all your metro and bus trips peacefully, without the need for you to run all the way to the station.