Introducing Sleep Number 360- A Smart Bed Of Your Comfort!

By Team Feedbaac on 03-12-2017 08:15:11

The smart home market is turning smarter year by year. And this time, the smart home inventors seems on a mission to give you a peaceful and happy good night sleep. Thereby, we introduce you to the most-awaited Sleep Number 360- a smart bed that automatically adjusts to your sleep position.

Sleep Number has recently introduced the Sleep Number 360 at CES 2017. One of the most significant innovations in the company’s 30-year history, the Sleep Number 360 can adjust its mattress to fit different body positions, track your sleeping habits and wake you at the optimum time.

“Today we are excited to unveil the future of sleep: the Sleep Number 360 smart bed, a revolutionary product that redefines what people should expect from their bed,” said Shelly Ibach, Select Comfort president and chief executive officer.

Read on to know more about this brilliant invention:

How does the Sleep Number 360 look?

The Sleep Number 360 has been designed to keep you effortlessly comfortable. It senses your movements, and then automatically adjusts firmness, comfort and settings, enabling you to sleep blissfully through night long.

“A great night of quality sleep is essential to a healthy mind, body and soul. Consumers love that the Sleep Number 360 smart bed automatically adjusts during the night to ensure you have your best sleep ever", Ibach explained.


The 360 has three layers that are integral in making it work. There’s the actual mechanics at the bottom of the bed that physically move you up and down, but there’s also the air chamber, which adjusts to your position to make you comfortable. On top of all that, there’s the cushion layer that makes the bed something you’d actually want to lay on.


The bed features the sleepIQ technology – the latest advancement in biometric sleep tracking. It has four new signature features. The bed can self-adjust throughout the night, matching the sleep movements of the sleeper. For instance, if someone switches from sleeping on their side to sleeping on their stomach, the bed will adjust comfort in real time.

The ResponsiveAir technology adjusts the bed’s comfort via the two air chambers inside the mattress – gently contouring to each partner’s side, back or stomach profiles.

Sleep Number says its 360 bed reads biometric cues to find out if someone's snoring. If they are, the dual-sided adjustable bed is designed to raise just the snorer's head to reduce the sound.

Other features

The 360 also comes with the foot-warming technology. Because the bed knows the sleeper's bedtime routine via the SleepIQ app, it can warm up the foot of the bed to be toasty when the sleeper is ready to go to sleep.

The SleepIQ app can further connect the smart bed to external services and products like Fitbits and Nest Thermostats.