5 iOS apps that are a must for fitness-freaks across the world

By Team Feedbaac on 27-11-2017 09:03:23

It Is an undeniable fact that Apple’s iOS operating system has emerged as a hit among the top-level white-collar and the elitist classes across the globe. With a majority of the elitist being fitness freaks, it only makes sense for this category of iOS users to learn about the top fitness apps out there.

With fitness apps being the newest trend in the digital world, especially stuff like pedometers and heart-rate monitoring apps, we have compiled a list of health/fitness-related applications that have managed to grab eyeballs (of iOS users) across the world in terms of popularity and the ease-of-use that these offer.

Check out the list below:

Workout Trainer for iOS

Available for free download, for iPhones/iPads, Workout Trainer offers customized workout (fitness) programs for users, and acts like a virtual personal trainer. Workout Trainer is custom-made for those looking at enrolling into weight-loss programs, but fret at the thought of having to travel all the way to a local gymnasium.  Other features of Workout Trainer include scheduling workouts, workout reminders, virtual fitness assessments, and guidance (in the form of voice-overs to videos) by fitness coaches.

Fitbit for iOS

Fitbit can be used to track all fitness-related activities of the day; these include workout regimen, sleep monitoring and counting the number of steps (Pedometric-related activities). Fitbit also monitors the amount of calories burned during the day, and enables users to set customized fitness goals. The app is available for download from here. Users can also share fitness/activity-related stats with friends, and even issue challenges in this regard.

Lose It Weight Loss program and calorie monitor

Lose It, is custom-made for people looking at undergoing weight-loss, and acts as a secondary instrument in this regard (with the first-one being the actual weight-loss program). The app enables users to monitor body weight, body fat, sleep, steps and body hydration as well. Even the nutrient intake can also be monitored, via Lose It. Lose It is available for download, from here.

Fitocracy for iOS

Apart from the conventional fitness/health-related aspects, Fitocracy lets iOS users unlock fitness-related achievements that has the potential to serve as a motivational factor in the fitness regimen adapted. The app also incorporates fitness tips by experts. Fitocracy is available for download from, here.

Runtastic for iOS devices

One of the well-known apps, Runtastic is available for free download but offers in-app content worth purchasing (for a comparatively intuitive experience). With the app, users can create personalized workout diaries with advanced statistics and graphs to monitor fitness. Users can also set fitness preferences and receive customized voice-commands (with a voice-over by fitness experts). With the Google Earth map in sync, Runtastic offers users their workout video in 3D. The application is available for download, from here.