6 most expensive smartphones in the world

By Team Feedbaac on 24-08-2017 11:40:44

With the affordable and budget smartphone segment regularly getting boosts with even the top smartphone brands chipping in their contributions, it only makes sense to take a look at the position of the “other side of the coin”, that is the more expensive and “elitist” phones, across the world.

Being expensive and less affordable does not necessarily mean that the phones provide the most sophisticated functionality-set, but are worth-taking a look-at to satisfy the curiosity element (within smartphone buyers). Therefore, take a look at the 5 most expensive smartphones in the markets across the world today:

  • Samsung W2015

Samsung’s W2015 is priced at 15,000 Yuan (AED 8420), and was released in 2014. A notable aspect of this phone is that it follows a modern flip-design.

  • Apple iPhone Princess Plus

The most expensive iPhone ever, the Princess Plus special edition has a starting price of AED 625904 (AED 170,400). Designed by popular Austrian designer Peter Aloisson, the handset features 138 Princess diamonds on the exterior, that contributes to the total 318 diamonds present on its outer body.

  • The Diamond Crypto

True to its name, the Diamond Crypto features nearly 50 diamonds on its exterior, probably to cover-up the feature-phone-like build and outer form factor of the smartphone. This is a legacy smartphone, priced at USD 1.3 million approximately.

  • Apple iPhone 6S by Gresso

This iPhone edition further enhances Apple’s notorious reputation of not catering to buyers with shoestring budgets, the iPhone 6S designed by Gresso is priced at AED 18365 (USD 5000).

  • Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri


This smartphone is priced at a cool USD 6,000 (AED 22039), and is made by Tonino Lamborghini (a famed auto designer). The Lamborghini 88 Tauri was released in December 2014 and is currently available for purchase.

  • Vertu Signature Touch

Vertu Signature Touch, is priced at AED 32,587 (USD 8,800). Its makers claim that the handset is hand-crafted in England. The Signature Touch was released during late 2015. Apart from its luxurious outer form factor, USP of the smartphone is its 21 MP rear camera and its Sapphire Crystal display measuring at 5.2-inches.