5 reasons why dermatologists recommend epilators!

By Team Feedbaac on 24-08-2017 11:49:58

In the recent times, dermatologists have been going gaga over epilators. They recommend using an epilator as the best alternative to other hair removal options. According to leading dermatologists, using an epilator provides significant advantages. This has led to more number of women opting for epilation, rather than the traditional methods of hair removal. Read on to know more:


Best hair removal option for sensitive skin: Waxing is considered a bad idea for those suffering from pimple problems. Many dermatologists suggest using epilators to women with sensitive skin. Unlike waxing, epilators do not pull the skin during the hair removal process. This means it causes less or almost negligible agitation on your skin, protecting it from further breakouts. Doctors claim, epilation results in minimal effects on the skin, therefore it’s a good hair removal option for not only sensitive, but also for all types of skins.

Epilation provides a gentle effect on skin: Here's one of the best reasons why dermatologists recommend epilation over normal waxing or other hair removal processes. Epilators are equipped with advanced features and attachments that provide lasting smoothness to your skin. Moreover, epilators are not harsh on your skin. It helps in reducing any skin discomfort while hair removal.

Long lasting effect: Once you undergo epilation, your hair growth slows down for 4 weeks which is good enough. Since the hair is pulled completely out by the root, it takes weeks for it to grow back. Moreover, the hair grows back with softer, narrower tips than hair removed with a razor or through waxing.

Epilators are good for hard-to-reach areas: Epilators are not meant for only hands or legs. There are some epilators that can reach any area of your body, including your face and other sensitive areas. They are equipped with high-profile features that provide you the best and most effective results.

Other factors: Epilators are easy-to-use, convenient and consumes less time. Unlike other methods, epilation frees you from any mess while hair removal process.