6 ways to bring your smartphone notifications on your PC

By Team Feedbaac on 28-08-2017 11:51:25

We now live in a world where users will be able to always stay connected, thanks to the numerous amount of mobile social messaging applications. Regardless of which smartphone or tablet, you use, it may not be always possible to pick up the device and attend your notifications, or reply to messages. This can especially be a problem during work hours.

A certain idea that kicked off a few years back is the ability to sync all your smartphone notifications directly onto your desktop. This has encouraged many developers to create great syncing apps that even now allow you to reply to messages directly from the PC, transfer files wirelessly between the PC and smartphone, and even to remote control the smartphone. We list out the best apps that will make it easier for you to know your notifications, and will likely help you to never miss them.


Easily one of the best desktop notification apps out there, and highly recommended by many experts. The Pushbullet is a powerful notification syncing app that not only lets you receive notifications, but also lets you reply to basically with any popular IM messenger straight from your desktop, be it WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Skype, Viber, BBM, and so forth. Pushbullet also allows users to send links or files to any other device (yours or a friends), provided that the device should also have Pushbullet installed (PC or Smartphone). When you dismiss a notification from the PC using Pushbullet, your smartphone notification list gets cleared off immediately. The app also features a cool option called the “universal copy paste”, which basically copies the clipboard of your PC to your smartphone, and vise-versa. Pushbullet is available for Android and iOS.


With Pushbullet recently introducing paid services, it’s obvious that users would need a better free alternative. Check out AirDroid, another cool application that also allows you to reply to messages, check out notifications, and send files to and from the smartphone. Another unique feature is the ability to completely remote control your smartphone, right from your PC. However, that specific feature requires your Android smartphone to be rooted. AirDroid also lets you see from your smartphone cameras, on your desktop.

Desktop Notifications

Another application that brings notifications on your PC, Desktop Notifications is free to download, and plug-ins are available in Chrome and Firefox.


Yappy is yet another example on how to receive SMS message notifications on your PC, from your smartphone or tablet. You can read, reply, manage, and even backup your SMS messages. You can also schedule sending SMS messages, sync read message status, and even get smartphone battery alerts.

Mighty Text

Mighty Text allows you to reply SMS and MMS messages, get low battery alerts, schedule SMS sending, and dismiss WhatsApp and Snapchat notifications from your PC.


Another free, and ad-free alternative, Pushline helps users push their smartphone notifications onto their desktops, sync notes and copy your PC clipboard to your smartphone, and even lets you accepts or rejects calls. You can also use Pushline to locate your smartphone by making it ring loud even on silent mode. Dial a number right from your PC using Pushline.