5 reasons why hardcore gamers should have a water-cooled gaming PC

By Team Feedbaac on 17-12-2017 04:48:52

A week ago, we happened to witness the ASUS “Gaming PC Mod Middle East”, where officials promoted using water-cooled rig instead of air cooling fans. Water-cooled gaming machines are a league of its own, allowing hardcore gamers to push the limit of their PC’s beyond the specified speeds. While building and maintaining a water cooled rig is very expensive, there are several advantages that favors the gamer.


  1. Quiet Operations


Unlike traditional gaming PC’s with air cooling fans, the water-cooled rigs make no noise while under load. The PC will be much quieter, and gamers would not need to worry about the loud plane-like sounds from the high speed fans.


  1. Cooler Performances


Since we use distilled water and tubes, the heat is managed much better as opposed to the capability of air cooled machines. Temperatures of the CPU, GPU and RAM will reduce drastically.


  1. Better Overclocking Opportunities


Water cooled gaming rigs are the perfect setup for gamers to push their hardware beyond what it can do, offering better stabilities and performances, thanks to the liquid cooling.


  1. Better Internal Arrangement


Since water cooled PC’s only require a radiator, and a few tubes, the internal setup is neatly arranged with more space to take, as compared to air cooled gaming PC’s.


  1. Looks Unique


Water cooled gaming PC’s are a league of its own not only in performance, but also in looks. You don’t find water cooled gaming rigs in just any computer shop. It’s a unique piece of art.