PDF to Word conversion: Which tools and programs to use

By Team Feedbaac on 28-08-2017 12:00:13

With almost all online content, available in the form of downloadable PDF files, today, it is only natural that users of smartphones/PCs wanting to download these files and make edits look out for easily-available PDF tow Word converter programs.

This scenario is also true of the business category of users, on the move, desiring to make edits to downloaded PDF files, and transmit these again to recipients. Another situation is, when users have freeware programs such as Adobe Acrobat installed, which only allow to view PDFs and not make changes, within devices.  

With this being the criteria, we have listed 5 most popular and easily available software programs to convert files in the PDF format to the Microsoft Word file format. Check these, programs out, below:

An important factor here, is that these converters should be free of malware or any other form of malicious code that could harm users’ devices. The programs listed below are generally known (and user rated) to be safe and virus/malware free:


UniPDF could perhaps be the most well-known PDF to Word converter files out there. USP of this program is that it lets users convert HTML, rich text files and images, apart from PF files, to MS Word files. UniPDF is a freeware, and also works within Microsoft’s newest Windows 10 operating systems across the world. Download file size is 5.7 MB.

Nitro Cloud

Nitro Cloud is an online PDF to Word converter, users can check out this web utility here. USP of this service is that it lets users convert PDFs to Word files, and vice-versa as well; rather than offering a conventional one-way conversion. The Microsoft Outlook Account (MSA) of users can be used to create PDF/Word files. This program is a freeware, but an advanced Nitro Pro version is also available at a premium.

PDF to Word Converter Pro

This program is yet another known/tested PDF to Word conversion programs. USP of this program is that users can input multiple PDFs at a time and get multiple converted Word files. There is also a professional version of the software, available at a premium price. Users can check out both the programs, here.

SmartSoft converter

The SmartSoft converter is a freeware, and the USP of this program is that all versions of MS Word are supported, which means that users can easily edit the resultant Word files without having to worry about alignment/formatting issues. SmartSoft is compatible with all Windows OS variants. Users can also choose to purchase a pro (paid) version of the program. The premium version also provides free technical assistance to user queries, along with adding a layer of security to PDF documents (converted from Word). SmartSoft can be checked out, here.

Adobe Acrobat DC

The paid version of this software, makes more sense to use, in fact. However, new users can download a 30-day trial version (from here). The business class should be able to afford Adobe Acrobat without hassles. USP of Acrobat is that it allows users to convert even scanned documents to Word files without having to change formatting within the converted file.