June Intelligent Oven- A Magical, Smart Kitchen Appliance For You!

By Team Feedbaac on 03-12-2017 09:01:13

Just like our homes, our kitchens too are getting smarter with every passing year. Thanks to the latest smart technology that has made our lives more comfortable and worth. The latest smart kitchen appliance, June Intelligent Oven, is yet another brilliant invention that deserves an applause. This device is perfect for busy bees, who don’t get time to cook.   

The June Intelligent is a countertop convection oven with a built-in camera that recognizes a limited number of foods and cooks them automatically. A look alike of a microwave, the June cooks like an oven and thinks like a computer. Check out some interesting features of this smart device:

Look & feel: The June Intelligent Oven has a simple and sleek design, engineered to maximize cooking space in a compact frame. It is an attractive black-and-silver countertop oven that measures 13 by 22 by 18 inches (HWD) and weighs 45 pounds. It's larger than a toaster oven, but it's not large enough to do all of the duties of a traditional oven.

From the solid, lightweight feel to the packaging of the thermometer, the oven has been designed meticulously. It also has a 5-inch, touchscreen control panel located right on the oven's door, a feature that helps to keep the unit at a manageable size without cutting into the 1-cubic-foot cooking space inside.

Although the touchscreen is as intuitive to use as a phone, June includes a knob on the door that you can also use to make selections on the screen.

Features: The June features a built-in camera, along with precision time and temperature sensors, thereby letting you monitor the cooking process via app. It is programmed to recognize the type of food you place in it, then match its weight and temperature with its own database of recipes.

The oven runs on an Nvidia Tegra processor, which companies commonly use in mobile devices. It connects to your home's Wi-Fi, so that you can control the June remotely from your iOS device and see a live stream of your food as it cooks.

There are pre-set cooking modes, as well as a manual mode that allows you to set cavity temperature, top and bottom element power levels, convection fan speed, and more.

Cooking style: There are 47 pre-programmed cook settings, hence your cooking is done all automatic. The oven features an advanced machine intelligence called Food ID, which uses a combination of weight sensors, an HD camera, overhead LED lights, and a core temperature probe to recognize the food you’re cooking, and then provide a chef-designed program to help you cook it perfectly. It delivers the best possible culinary experience.

The June Intelligent Oven seems to be the biggest game-changer in the kitchen, since the microwave oven. Overall, it is a fun appliance that cooks food automatically and in no time.