Home Automation System: Are Smart Locks Really Safe?

By Team Feedbaac on 28-08-2017 12:16:59

The smart world is here! And with more number of smart appliances crowding the market day by day, the digital smart lock isn't too far behind either. Experts claim, smart home locks are the only digital solution to the problem of your smart home security. But, the reality seems quite the opposite. To be precise, smart locks aren't as perfect as you think. Smart locks are supposedly easier to hack, and aren’t quite a safe option, unlike the traditional ones.

The concept of a smart lock involves your smartphone remotely locking and unlocking the doors. Other than controlling your home remotely, this convenient technology also adds to potential risks. There have been cases, where skilled hackers potentially broke into smart locks. When investigated into these cases, it was revealed that the real issue wasn't "how Bluetooth transfers the initial data securely, rather how each user or digital key was being authenticated".

According to Geoffrey Vaughan, a security consultant, even the most hi-tech locks designed and tested in the best possible way, sometimes fail to provide 100% security. "In adding a smart lock, you've actually created another attack venue for an attacker to break into your home. With these locks, there's actually no increased level of security", Vaughan warns. During a hack test recently, a team of British hackers managed to break into a fingerprint-reading lock by inserting a paperclip into its backup key chamber.

Some security lock devices feature reprogrammable cylinder that provides you the ability to reprogram the locks on the fly to any key. Even in that case, "locks can’t be bumped, but they can be cracked in other ways". So, here's the error: Researches say, these digital locks can be cracked within a few seconds with a screwdriver and a paper clip. "It’s not a pin-tumbler lock so that it doesn’t have the inherent physical strength to block the plug from turning when you do certain things,” they claim.

Having said all this, we won't deny the benefits one could get from a smart lock. But, you need to be concerned about the possible vulnerabilities as well. In case an attacker is able to gain access to your smart lock, almost all devices in your home could easily be compromised and falls under danger. But, there are ways one can prevent such attacks by putting some more effort in the security process.