How Different Are Clippers From Trimmers?

By Team Feedbaac on 28-08-2017 12:21:15

In the recent times, clippers and trimmers are giving a tough competition to each other. Though both are cousin tools, they share quite a few similarities as well as differences. As they perform two different functions, the question of which is better doesn't justify anything. It is rather a question of using each at the appropriate time.  Let’s find the difference between the two:

Usage: Trimmers are mostly used for grooming beard and straightening hair lines, in order to provide a neat look. They provide finer details, and works the best with short hair. On the other hand, Clippers are mainly used for longer haircuts, therefore they lack the ability to cut or shave very closely or hard-to-reach areas. It may sometimes also be used for shaping the growth of your beard for a better and easier trim or shave.

Size: Trimmers and clippers may vary in terms of shape and size. Clippers are larger devices that can be used to perform an entire haircut from start to finish. Trimmers are generally the smaller version, as they perform smaller and subtler movements "without causing any damage to the skin". Though both cousins have been designed to fit into your palms perfectly, clippers of bigger sizes sometime get difficult to handle.

Blades: Some people claim that both the devices are equipped with similar type of blades, which isn't true. Trimmers feature thinner blades, ideal for finer details and shorter hair around chin, neck and cheeks. Clipper blades on the other hand, tend to be bigger in order to cover a larger surface area.

Clippers are meant for animals as well: Many of you might not be aware of this, but clippers are not only meant for humans. Clippers are available for your pets too. Dog clippers generally cost more than that of humans, because they have a stronger motor in order to run through their thick and dense fur. Did you know? there are clippers available for sheeps and horses as well! But, trimmers are strictly meant for humans only.

The power factor: Clippers have more powerful motors, as compared to trimmers. Therefore, you need to be a bit careful while using the former, as it might get rough sometimes while mowing your hair. You may at times end up hurting yourself too. But trimmers are generally not that harsh on skin.