Front Load Washers Vs Top Load Washers- Which Is Better?

By Team Feedbaac on 28-08-2017 12:25:26

When you are planning to buy a new washing machine, one of the very first decisions you need to make is- whether to opt for a top load or a front load washer. This choice is never easy, because both are great in their own terms. Choices vary from person to person, due to design, budget and other personal preferences. Now, let's take a look at the major differences between these two washing machines, and accordingly, you may decide on your favorite pick.

Design: Front loaders are always stacked vertically, with the washer at bottom and the dryer on top. On the other hand, top loaders are equipped with a vertical drum load above, and the drum spins around a vertical axis. If you don't like to kneel or bend much, top-loaders are a good option for you. But, if you are short in height, you may opt for front-load washers.

Size: If you have limited floor space, opt for a front loader since it can be stacked with a companion dryer. But, a top-loading washer obviously can’t have a dryer stacked on top, hence it often takes up more space in your home. So, you need to decide- Which style fits in your laundry room the best?

Performance: Front loaders score over the top ones, in terms of efficiency. They have the longest wash cycles, providing better performance and wash quality. Top units have significantly shorter wash cycles (25 minutes) than front loaders (45-90 minutes). Moreover, front load units offer maximum spin speeds of up to 2000 RPM (Revolutions per minute), while top-loaders (with agitators) do not exceed 1140 RPM. Higher the spin speeds, faster the drying ability of your clothes.

Water & electricity consumption: Tops loaders always require sufficient water to submerge all the laundry inside its drum. For an example, top units utilize 30-40 gallons of water per wash. But, front load washers use "half that amount or even less". Hence, you can save up on your water bills, if you have a front load washing machine. Front loaders are also known for consuming less electricity, as compared to the top units.

Cost: Top loaders are generally less expensive than their front loading counterparts. This is probably the most appealing aspect of a top-loader. Moreover, in case your front loader breaks down, the cost of repairs and parts are too high to maintain. You'll also find more budget options with top-load units. 

Maintenance: Top loading machines are not only easy-to-use, but also demand very less maintenance. As for longevity, top load units are expected to last for 14 years, while front loaders can exist till 11 years.

Detergent: You can use any kind of laundry detergent in a top-loader. But for front loaders, the detergent options are limited and selected. You should always use the detergent recommended by the manufacturer of your front load unit.

Having said all this, which one would you pick- A front loader, or a top loader?