Do Air Fryers Really Provide A Healthier Option To Enjoy Yummy Snacks?

By Team Feedbaac on 12-12-2017 05:52:56

Are you on a mission to lose some extra kilos? But, curbing those irresistible cravings for fried snacks seems like a challenge, isn't it? Bring home a good airfryer to enjoy tasty snacks, without compromising on your healthy diet. Airfryer is a brilliant kitchen appliance that specializes in cooking yummy meals, with less or nil oil. This appliance is a must-have for those weight-watchers who do not wish to give up on oily fries and snacks. Read on to know more:


Rapid Air technology: Airfryer uses the unique Rapid Air technology that combines hot air with grill component to fry food. It makes the hot air circulate around the ingredients inside the basket. The ingredients get heated up rapidly, making it a healthy, fast and easy method to prepare tasty snacks. The best part of this technology is that you get to eat fries and snacks, without putting on oodles of weight.


Healthy: Airfryers are specially designed to produce meals with up to 80% less fat. So when you cook french fries, it cuts up the maximum of oil and fat. So now you can enjoy delicious fried food, without the actual fat content in it.


Fast cooking: One of the biggest benefits of airfryer is quick cooking. You can cook crispy chicken wings, or golden french fries, just within minutes. This appliance can also bake, grill and roast with the relevant matching and use of the proper additional accessories. You are also able to double cook food with a food separator, as per your choice.


Settings: This is one more very crucial feature in airfryers. This appliance comes with automatic heat & temperature setting. The cooking is well-performed, and users can even check the quality and status of the food by opening the lid of the air fryer.