How To Make Your Home Appliances Last Longer?

By Nabanita Maji on 01-09-2016 11:39:21

With our standards of living getting higher day by day, we don't mind investing big bucks for purchasing luxury household appliances. But something we don't do quite often is maintaining these expensive appliances, with utmost care. If you want your household appliances to last longer, follow these useful tips below:

Refrigerators: Refrigerator is one of the most-used appliance in your home. Follow these maintenance tips.

Clean condenser coil: Keep the condenser coil of your refrigerator clean. All you need to do is, just unplug the fridge, remove the protective grille and gently brush the dirt off the coil. Make sure you do this regularly.

Clear top: This is one very important thing you should follow. Avoid keeping too many items, like containers, boxes etc. on the top of your fridge. This sometimes lead the motor to work harder, eventually resulting in overheating.

Cover food: When you are storing food inside the fridge, make sure to cover it always. When you leave it open, food will release its moisture inside the appliance and the compressor will have to work harder, in order to remove it. Moreover, the uncovered food will leave a strong odor in the fridge.

Dishwasher: Follow these tips below to make sure your dishwasher lasts longer:

Clean up clogged food: It's common to see food getting stuck in the nozzles or build-up from tap water can clog them. You need to remove the sprayer arm and wash it in your sink with warm, soapy water. Follow this process once a week, to ensure longer life span of your appliance.

Don't overload dishwasher: Don't stuff all your utensils at the same time. In this case, your dishwasher will not only struggle to clean all the vessels, but it may also break down in a long run. If you have too many dishes to clean, it's always better to run the appliance twice, rather than overstuffing it once.

Run hot water: Run hot water for 10 seconds before starting the cycle. This strategy heats the water in the pipes and shortens the running time of the dishwasher.

Washing Machines: Follow the below maintenance tips.

Keep it level: You need to adjust your washing machine even and level with the floor, else your appliance is more likely to suffer damage due to the constant vibration and aggressive “bouncing” during the cleaning process.

Be careful while using detergent: Never use excessive detergent. This may give rise to the formation of mildew and mold that can eventually settle into hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. Since detergent comprises of bleach and solvents, it may damage the appliance surface or other plastic parts. Therefore, use detergent judiciously.

Empty cloth pockets: Before you dump your clothes inside the appliance for cleaning, make sure you empty the pockets. Small items like coins, pens, paperclips and keys can damage or even destroy the unit’s drum.

Vacuum cleaner: Take care of your vacuum cleaner for a longer life.

Avoid wet surfaces: Not all vacuum cleaners are suited for wet surfaces, unless its specifically mentioned as "Wet & Dry Vacuum". If you make the mistake of cleaning wet surfaces with a vacuum designed for only dry areas, your appliance is sure to break down in no time.

Clean filters: Bagless vacuums are equipped with filters, which requires regular cleaning. Clogged filters may lead to motor overheating. While some vacuums are washable, some are replaceable. Therefore, you need to maintain it accordingly.

Service your vacuum cleaner: Make sure you give your appliance for servicing every year. A proper servicing will help in cleaning out the vacuum thoroughly, making it work more efficiently and last longer.