Tips on how to change your country in Google Play Store

By Team Feedbaac on 25-04-2016 10:04:22

Have you come to a point where certain interesting apps cannot be downloaded on your Android device, just because it’s simply not meant for your region? Yes, we can always download and side-install the apk of that particular Android app, but not everyone is comfortable doing that. While it's very simple to change the country in Apple devices, Google’s Android operating system still follows a different and uneasy approach.

Unlike Apple devices, you will need to use your home address, your debit/credit card details, and the billing address of the card. Follow the steps to change the country.

1. Google Wallet is where you add your payment and address details, and is integrated for Play Store payments. Click here to open Google Wallet.

2. First time users will be asked to register your name, credit card/debit card details and billing address. This is where you get a chance to set your country. It’s advisable that the billing address should be based on the same country you prefer.

3. If you have already added a card before, chances are that the card isn’t based on where you live, so it’s advisable to remove the card, and add the card that’s associated with the region you prefer.

4. Make sure that both your home address and billing address are in the region you choose. Sometimes, the billing address for your preferred country isn’t enough.

5. On your Android smartphone, go to the main settings page>go to Apps option> Look for Google Play Store> and tap on Clear Data and Cache. Make sure that Play Store app isn’t running in your recent apps list while clearing the data.

6. Open Google Play Store, and attempt to purchase an app. You will see that your country has been changed to the card/billing address, with the same local currency.

7. Incase if the country hasn’t changed yet, restart the device, or wait for a while and check. The changes might take some time to take effect.