4 Fundamental Tips to detect and combat in-browser threats

By Rahul R on 11-08-2016 08:08:44

With capabilities of hackers and cyber-criminals increasing by the day, and with modern anti-hacking solutions offering sophisticated solutions, it only becomes natural for you to overlook multiple fundamental non-hacking solutions that offer complete protection against hackers that more often than not are skipped by today’s high-end anti-hacking solution. One basic aspect here is guarding against browser hacks.

Check out the steps below to safeguard your confidential data, from browser hacks:

  • Delete unwanted browser extensions: Check before you install new browser extensions, you can remove unwanted extensions manually.
  • Enable essential Plug-Ins: If you find that manual deactivation of a plug-in affects your browser, then manually activate the required plug-ins. You can also choose a message to prompt you to activate a particular plug-in.
  • Update your web browser regularly: This is key to ensure that you have only the updated plugins within your browser. Developers of today’s popular web browsers issue updates/fixes to issues on regular basis. So ensure that you obtain these, the entire process is mostly automated, then restart your browser and stay safe.
  • Invest on proper security solutions and understand these: Have a reliable security solution installed, within your computer, have it updated and run regular checks to ensure that threats get detected. Also educate yourself, on using the security solution, effectively. These should help you combat hacks.