Has Your E-Mail Account Been Compromised? Here’s How to Find Out

By Team Feedbaac on 07-09-2016 12:41:17

The growing number of websites these days falling prey to hackers and security vulnerabilities manages to keep all of us on our toes. The dreaded “reset your password please” e-mails and “hacked accounts leaked” articles all across the Internet only further increase our paranoia and unease.

A large number of users tend to keep the same password across multiple services. So if one gets exposed, all of their accounts are in danger of being accessed by unauthorized users. Today, we are taking a look at a website that does its best to inform us of leaked email accounts that may have been compromised. is a free resource to quickly assess if your online account has been put at risk due to a data breach. The website was created by Troy Hunt, a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP awardee for Developer Security after one of the largest single breach of customer accounts took place at Adobe. The website now tracks over 130 breached websites ranging from MySpace to Tumblr, and almost 1.4 billion accounts that may have been compromised.


To check whether your account is at risk:

Go to and enter your email address in the given field


The website lists out whether any data associated to your email account like passwords, names, addresses have been reported as compromised


If your account isn’t listed on any illegally obtained data or pastes, it shows up as safe. There is also an option to subscribe and get notifications in case your account ever comes up in a breach.