Easy tips to take care of your washing machine!

By Team Feedbaac on 22-10-2016 06:27:52

You don't need a reason to take care of your luxury home appliances. And the reason being of course, they are too damn expensive. You certainly can't afford to spend big bucks for repair charges, as your appliance breaks down every now and then. Washing machine is undoubtedly one of those household products, which needs the maximum attention. Take utmost care of your washer to make it run longer. Read on to know more about these easy maintenance tips:

Keep it level: You need to adjust your washing machine even and level with the floor, else your appliance is more likely to suffer damage due to the continuous vibration and aggressive bouncing during the cleaning process.

Be careful while using detergent: Never use excessive detergent. This may give rise to the formation of mildew and mold that can eventually settle into hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. Since detergent comprises of bleach and solvents, it may damage the appliance surface or other plastic parts. Therefore, use detergent judiciously.

Empty cloth pockets: Before you dump your clothes inside the appliance for cleaning, make sure you empty the pockets. Small items like coins, pens, pencils, clips and keys can damage or even destroy the unit’s drum. Also, never dump your rubber mates and carpets into the machine. As these are hard material, there are changes of wear and tear, resulting in severe damage of your machine.

Keep your machine door open after every wash: This is a very useful tip to avoid a bad odor. After every wash, make sure you keep the door of your machine open to let the dampness and moisture dry out. Moreover, if you are washing a very dirty and dusty load, make sure to clean the tub inside.

Clean the rusted spots inside the tub: You can't afford to ignore this. If you see your washed clothes bearing reddish-orange spots, immediately look for rust in your tub or dispenser. If the rusted spots aren't too hard, you can simply clean them with lemon juice or run the machine on hot water. In case the rusted spots are too hard, get your tub changed soon.

Keep an eye on the hoses: Hoses are very prone to damage especially when your washer turns old. Therefore, you need to inspect your hoses for tight fittings, bulges, cracks, and leaks. Any damage or leak can lead to severe consequences. We recommend you to change the machine's hoses every 4 years to make it run long.