How to transfer data between your devices with ease using Pushbullet

By Haroon Sultan on 27-02-2017 08:49:29

Do you run into trouble when transferring files from your phone to your PC or just want to send that presentation file from your laptop to your Android device? Pushbullet is a simple app and extension that lets you push files from your mobile device to your PC and vice versa. Here is a quick guide on how you can get started:

1. Download the Pushbullet app to your device

If you have an Android or iOS device, you can go straight to the app page and download the Pushbullet app. Just search for “Pushbullet” or click on the relevant link from their website.

I own an android device, so I downloaded the Android app from the Google PlayStore for this example.

2. Download Pushbullet for your desktop or the browser extension

Pushbullet supports a wide range of browsers, specifically Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. You can also download the windows app for Pushbullet if you want to use it outside of a browser.

You can just click on the links on their websites for the extension and install it straight to your browser. I downloaded the Opera extension and had it ready to go in a matter of seconds.

3. Next, we need to create an account in Pushbullet to connect these devices. You can login using your Google or Facebook account as it makes things simpler. This lets you store your data as well as all your settings.


4. Push your files from the mobile device to your computer by tapping on the attachment icon on your app.

Select your file, the device you want to send to and tap the arrow icon to send it.

You can do the same from your browser or your desktop application in order to send files to your mobile devices.

And that’s how you can easily transfer data to and from mobile devices using Pushbullet. Save time by easily coordinating your data between multiple mobile devices at the tap of your finger.