Buying And Usage Guide For Hair Styling Tools

By Nabanitha Maji on 11-08-2017 08:30:03

Every woman in the world has to deal with a bad hair day, and that’s a fact. Hairstyle is known to represent a woman’s personality, thereby creating an impression on others.

Every woman should own the right hair styling tools, including a hair straightener, a hair dryer and a curling iron. Read on the buying and usage guide of these styling tools to your hair woes:

Hair dryer

One of the most common and essential tools, a hair dryer is a must in every woman's kitty. However, buying a good and ideal dryer can be a hassle at times. Hence, follow the buying guide below:

Buying tips:

  • The dryer you are purchasing does not need to be expensive, but it should definitely suit your hair type.
  • Hair dryers with higher wattage are the best. Its beneficial during the times when you are in a hurry and want to dry your hair faster. But those with thin hair texture, opt for a low wattage model.
  • Go for a model with ceramic & tourmaline technology. This feature enables the dryer to emit mild heat, thereby preventing hair damage. The drying process is very gentle, hence it never gets harsh on your hair.
  • There are hair dryers featuring multiple setting options, which allows you to adjust the heat and the speed capacity as per your needs.

Usage tips:

  • Firstly, squeeze out the water after washing your hair. Make separate hair sections with the help of small clips.
  • Gently blow dry the sections. However, you need to be very careful while doing so, without hurting or burning your hair.

Hair straightener

Straightener is a key equipment in every woman's beauty routine. However, make sure the model you are purchasing is compatible with your hair type. Read on to know more:

Buying tips:

  • If you want to get the process right, the best way is to understand the features of a hair straightener. Make sure the model you are purchasing, includes these features- temperature, heating time, far infrared heat, Ionic straightening, auto shut off and Flash quick heating.
  • Size is yet another crucial thing you must check out for. For those with short hair, opt for a narrower iron, while women having long or thick hair can choose the large models.

Usage tips:

  • Pat dry your hair with a towel, after a bath. Next step, start the straightening process. If you have thin and brittle hair, make sure to set your straightener to the lowest number. This will avoid bruising your hair.
  • Eventually start straightening down the hair length of each section.
  • If you have a fizzy hair type, apply a hair spray after straightening is done.

Curling iron

Choosing a good curling iron can be tricky at times. Hence, follow our guide:

Buying tips: 

  • Buy ceramic iron model. It will conduct heat evenly, unlike the metal models.
  • Opt for a model that features a variety of barrel sizes.

Usage tips:

  • Divide your hair into sections and start clipping each.
  • Set the right temperature of the appliance, suiting your hair.
  • Curl your hair in the direction away from your face on either side for a more natural, voluminous look.
  • As you curl your hair, hold the iron vertically for looser curls, and horizontally for bouncier, tighter curls.