Samsung Update Reduces Your Phone’s Battery Life: Here’s How to Prevent It

The South Korean manufacturer Samsung has introduced a new version of its OneUI interface with the Galaxy S24. This version, numbered 6.1, is being distributed via updates to an increasing number of Galaxy phones. It is now available for many popular mid-range phones such as the Galaxy A52. However, after installation, you should check your smartphone’s settings; otherwise, it could negatively affect your device’s battery life.

With OneUI 6.1, Samsung has made a change to the so-called battery protection feature. This option is designed to extend your battery’s lifespan. When the battery protection is enabled, the phone does not charge fully. The reason behind this is that the cells of the battery age faster at higher voltages, and the voltage continuously increases with the charge level.

Battery Protection Now Limits Charge to 80% Instead of 85%

Previously, according to Samsung, the battery protection stopped the charging process once the phone’s charge level reached 85%. However, after the update, charging now stops at 80%. This means that with the protection function enabled, you start the day with less charge than before, which results in a shorter battery life.

If you find that 80% charge doesn’t last you through the day, you don’t have to disable the battery protection immediately. Samsung now offers you the ability to adjust this feature. Instead of the “Maximum” option, which is selected by default after the update if the protection was previously enabled, the charging process ends at 80%. Alternatively, there are the “Adaptive” and “Standard” options.

“Adaptive” Option: A Good Compromise Between Protection and Battery Life

With the “Standard” option, the phone always charges to 100% and then stops the charging process. If it remains connected to the power outlet, for instance, while you are still asleep, it will start charging again only when the battery level drops to 95%. In the “Adaptive” option, the phone charges up to 80% and then fully charges about an hour before you wake up.

Your sleep pattern is estimated based on your usage data. This option is recommended if you want a balance between maximizing battery life and protecting the battery.