Check Out These Best Lebanese Restaurants If You Are Looking For Casual Dining In Dubai

By Team Feedbaac

Middle Eastern cuisines, particularly Lebanese cuisines have caught the fancy of foodies all over the world in the last couple of years. The concept of merging fruits with meats has become widely popular nowadays with many adopting this method of cooking.

Here is our guide to help you find the 10 best Lebanese Casual Dining Restaurants in Dubai and UAE. Bon appetite!



Dhs100 for 2

Stars: Mixed Grill and Shish Tawook

Started in 1881 in Tripoli, Lebanon Al Hallab has grown immensely from the days of a sweet retailer to one of the most trusted names catering to Lebanese food and sweets. In 2002, Al Hallab Restaurant and Sweets was established in Dubai by Mr. Ghassan Hallab, a veteran in Lebanese cooking and a master in the hospitality industry who has changed the Al Hallab brand from a sweet retailer to an amazing full-house Lebanese eatery. Today, Al Hallab has spread into four Lebanese eateries; three of them specialize in Lebanese Grills situated at Al Garhoud, The Dubai Mall, and Mall of the Emirates. There is also a sub-brand Lebanese Seafood eatery "Al Hallab Bab El Bahr" situated at MBR Boulevard, Downtown Dubai. The eternally beautiful interiors and amazing food, service and ambiance makes Al Hallab one of the top-rated restaurants that serves authentic Lebanese delicacies. Al Hallab is known for its many special dishes that have won the love and appreciation of foodies from all over the world. The mixed grill, hommus, tabboulah salad with fresh baked bread with a Lebanese touch is a great combination that will make you come again to the restaurant. The falafel starters, Shish Tawook in lemon marinated and grilled chicken are easily the stars of Al Hallab menu.



Stars: Kabab Khashkhash and Shish Taouk

AED 215 for 2

If you are a great fan of Lebanese food, Al Safadi Restaurant is definitely the place you should pay a visit. Founded in the year 2000, Al Safadi has grown into a chain of restaurants that serves and specializes in authentic Lebanese delicacies and provides a remarkable dining experience.  Al Safadi has also spread its wings in the catering services for all your special occasions. With great ambience and friendly environment, Al Safadi has an outdoor seating area which will make you happy for sure. However, if you sit inside, you can enjoy the aroma of freshly baked Lebanese bread which is an appetizer in itself. The service is very fast and efficient with a continuous supply of hot bread from the oven that just keeps coming to the table. Some of the highlights of Al Safadi menu are Kabab Khashkhash, Shish Taouk, Mixed Grill, Grilled Chicken Wings and Lamb Chops. Kabab Khashkhash is minced meat with garlic and parsley served on tomato sauce and is among the hot favorites of customers. One of the most popular dishes in Middle Eastern cuisines, Shish Taouk is a traditional marinated chicken kebab on skewers and has a huge following in Al Safadi. Mixed Grill suits well for those who want to get the taste of all the meat items (chicken, beef, lamb) in the menu at a go. As for drinks and desserts, Al Safadi offers a wide range of juices and shakes, although one must keep some space in their stomach to enjoy the amazing Kunafa, the traditional Arab dessert made with noodle-like pastry.



AED 190 For 2

Reem Al Bawadi has come a long way from its humble beginning in Jumeirah, Dubai in 2001 to expand into a hot destination of Middle Eastern cuisines and delicacies. Today, Reem Al Bawadi is a preferred spot for families and tourists who like to explore varieties of food, especially Middle Eastern and Arabian. The love and appreciation Reem Al Bawadi has won over the years is richly evident in the accolades and awards it has won in the form of What’s On Dubai Awards in the ‘Affordable Dining’ category and the ‘Best Middle Eastern Restaurant’ at the illustrious BBC Good Food ME Awards. Since opening with one restaurant in Jumeirah, Dubai in 2001, Reem Al Bawadi has since expanded into a multi-restaurant operation thanks to its delicious Middle Eastern cuisine and friendly and attentive staff. Located at an accessible location off Jumeirah Road, Reem Al Bawadi has captured the hearts of foodies all over the world. Catering to the menu of East Mediterranean and Arabic, Reem Al Bawadi is blessed with highly enthusiastic and ever-smiling staffs who take pleasure in serving the best of food to you. Operated by Marka PJSC and regarded as the flagship restaurant brand in the Marka Hospitality Division, Reem Al Bawadi has become famous for its mouth-watering delicacies and genuine flavors.



Stars: Cheeki Chicken Wrap and Cheese N’ Zaatar Manakeesh

AED 100 For 2

Deriving its name from one of the most popular Lebanese delicacies, Man’oushe Street promises to provide the authentic taste of Lebanese food with natural flavors to the customers from various parts of the country. Originally prepared by mothers as a breakfast item, Manoushe soon found a place in the busy street corner bakeries and eateries of Middle Eastern regions. With a bustling road view, Man’oushe Street is a nice looking outlet located in Al Ghurair Centre with great lighting and large windows. A perfect place to grab a quick bite, Man’oushe Street offers a wide variant of foods including wraps, pizzas, hummus and desserts.  Some of the highlights of the menu of Man’oushe Street are Cheeki Chicken Wrap, Cheese N’ Zaatar Manakeesh, Tender Chicken Shawarma, Signature Cheesecake and Chocolate Haven. Cheeki Chicken Wrap is simply delicious with a heady mix of grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and garlic mayo. Chocolate Haven with its pure dark chocolate and layers of crushed biscuits is really the cooler you need after a hot meal. If you are a fan of Lebanese food and particularly street items, Man’oushe Street is the ideal place wherein you can have a fulfilling course of delicacies with affordable rates.  



Stars: Baba Ganoush and Mutabal

AED 250 For 2

Established since 2001, Wafi Gourmet brings you the delicious culinary varieties from Lebanon to the UAE. If you are looking for the real deal, authentic Lebanese food then this is the place for you.  Wafi Gourmet is a spaciously filled large restaurant with an adjoining shop selling all kinds of local delicacies from dates to baklava and nuts. Those who are big fans of Lebanese food will certainly enjoy Wafi Gourmet with its amazing range of delicacies that consists of hummus, fried cheese roll, lemon garlic mushroom and lamb slices. The humus (with pine nuts) pita bread, Baba Ganoush, Mutabal, Muhammara with different pickles and fresh juices are all of the highest level and offers you a lifetime experience of Lebanese food.  The consistent supply of freshly baked hot breads will make your grilled meats irresistible.  You can find one of the best kunafas in Wafi Gourmet which is lip-smacking good, to say the least. With the light display on Burj Khalifa building followed by the water jets dancing in harmony with the enchanting music and of course yummy Lebanese food, Wafi Gourmet promises you an experience filled with fun and memories that will make you come again for more.



Stars: Fattoush and Laban Aryan

AED 190 For 2

Featuring a wide variety of traditional Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisines, Ayam Elezz is located on the top floor in The Mall opposite Jumeirah Beach Hotel.   There are 4 categories that cater to various customers and provide a large menu of Lebanese delicacies. The Good Old Lebanese Brunch on Saturdays from 9 am to 1.30 pm is a fantastic way to start the day with rich buffet, live stations and fresh juices. Sundays evenings are exclusively dedicated for ladies with free shisha on a dazzling terrace with stunning Jumeirah views.  There will be a live band playing on all Tuesdays from 9 pm to 11.30 pm that rolls out traditional songs and nostalgic hits. Morning Glory from 9 am to 12 pm consists of 10 breakfast items, tea and orange juice which will set your day on full energy. Fattoush is a main dish which is a mix of fresh green leaves with tomato and will leave you wanting for more. Mix Grill Platter comes with four kinds of meat that includes baby veal, shish taouk, lamb kababs, and lamb with cheese kebabs with a serving of fries. Laban Aryan will surely win you over with its perfect mix of yogurt which is not too thin or too thick.



Dhs295 for 2

Stars: Shakshuka and Kafta Bi Tahini

Meaning orange blossom, Zahr-El-Laymoun is a renowned restaurant that specializes in authentic Lebanese dishes and delicacies. There are a lot of dishes which will make your visits to the place worthwhile. The starters are of wide variety ranging from hummus, kafta bi tahini, halloumi, cheese rolls and spicy cube potatoes. The chicken and halloumi served in orange gravy which blends well with the hot breads are a treat in itself.  Shakshuka is a fantastic special dish of Zahr-El-Laymoun with eggs and tomato sauce served in a skillet with fresh vegetables, olives and Kashkaval cheese on the side. Omelette Halloumi with eggs and halloumi cheese oven baked in a skillet are a class apart and can be considered as a tasty and unique way to make a nice omelette. Stuffed Eggplant Rolls are eggplant rolls stuffed with Moutabbal - mashed grilled eggplant with thahini topped with pomegranate seeds, walnut and cumin. Taking about salads, Garden Salad and Zahr El-Laymoun Salad are the ones that come to mind. Garden Salad consists of Rocca, beetroot, fennel wings, walnut and sliced apples with a lemon garlic dressing. Zahr-El-Laymoun Salad has Rocca, red fig, grilled halloumi, sesame seeds and served with honey vinegar sauce. The service is simply amazing with equal attention to stag entries and group gatherings.



Stars: Grilled Chicken and Shawarma Meat

AED 120 For 2

Derived from the Arabic name for cedar tree, Arz Lebanon restaurant was inaugurated in the year 1974. Over the past few years, Arz Lebanon has grown and has many spots in almost all the major locations in the city such as Burj Khalifa Boulevard, Jumeriah Beach Road, Emaar Marina Promenade, Al Barsha, Uptown Mirdif and Karama with plans to develop 10 more branches in the coming 3 years. The staffs in the branches at Jumeira road and Al Barsha are really co-operative and very attentive. There is a quick service brand called Arz Express which offers the favorite Lebanese dishes that matches the active and fast-paced lifestyle. Established in 2009, the Cake Bar is a wonder world that offers gourmet desserts, pastries, party food and canapé. With a large menu, the Arz Lebanon has a gigantic amount of expectations to fulfill. And it does in some style! Some of the major attractions of Arz Lebanon are grilled chicken, shawarma meat, hummus and chicken shawarma. The icing on the cake was the continuous supply of delicious freshly baked hot breads which alone will keep you happy as long as you are there. The chocolate cake serves as a perfect dessert after a heavy lunch.



Dhs200 for 2

Stars: Fattet Hommos and Mafroukit Festok

AED 180 For 2

 Regarded as one of the top restaurants in Dubai that serves authentic Arabic and Lebanese food, Leila Restaurant has some excellent Lebanese mezze and delicious desserts in the menu. With a superb mix of delicious food and fast service, Leila Restaurant effortlessly creates an authentic taste of traditional Lebanese delicacies.   As hummus can be made in a variety of styles, a good hummus is always regarded as one of the easiest ways to ascertain the quality of a Lebanese restaurant. Without saying, Leila Restaurant scores great points in the category of hummus and many other dishes.  The service here is efficiently quick and provides indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. The Fried Halloumi with Vermicelli and candied figs are touted to be the major attractions of Leila Restaurant.  Some of the top-rated Lebanese dishes available in Leila Restaurant are Balila, Fattet Hommos, Shanklish, Mouhammara, Spicy Hummus and Roasted Potatoes with Onion and Garlic.  The desserts at Leila are also top-notch with Ashta, Halawat El Jeben, Knefeh, Biscuit Au Chocolat, Mafroukit Festok and Osmalieh enticing the customers with delicious taste. In short, Leila Restaurant is easily one of the best places to have Lebanese food in Dubai. Whether you are in the mood for simple dishes like hummus and Moutabbal or you feel like having some grilled meat, Leila is worth a try.