The Best Football Academies Where Your Kids Can Play And Have Fun In Dubai

By Team Feedbaac

For many, Football is not just a game it's an emotion. It has fans everywhere and Dubai is no exception. It's not just about supporting the sport but they are excited about learning it. This is the era of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. To create the next generation of world-class players Dubai has over 30 football academies and to find the best among them is really difficult. If your kid is passionate about football and dream to become a football player then check out our list of the top 10 football academy in Dubai.

Juventus Academy Dubai

Juventus Academy Dubai

            Image Credits: Juventus Academy Dubai

From a country where football is in the blood of every citizen, the Juventus Academy in Dubai is aimed at children aged between 5-16 to help them take their first levels into the football world. Just know that Juventus Football Club is a very old and successful professional club founded in 1897. They train about 170 kids per year and often they send their teams to Italy for the Juventus Experience and to play against other Juventus Academies located worldwide. In Juventus, children are not only trained in football or technical qualities of the game but they are made to develop interpersonal skills. This academy has a team of coaches who are highly skilled and qualified. The coaches have years of experience and also hold certificates from the Italian Football Federation and UEFA. Even though there are certain limitations like extreme heat which restricts training time, they have made it become the best football academy in Dubai. They are open on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and also is running at JSS Private School, Jumeirah every day.

Address: 22 48 B St - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 55 858 1813

Dubai Sports City Football Academy

Dubai Sports City Football Academy

Image Credits: Dubai Sports City Football Academy

Dubai Sports City is a well-known and a multi-locale sports complex in Dubai. It features a number of sports academies and one such is the Football Academy. It is maintained professionally and is recognised by FIFA. Dubai Sports City Football Centre is home of the Spanish Soccer Schools run by Spanish soccer hero Michel Salgado. The Coaches in this Football Academy are UEFA licensed and had previous tenures at clubs such as Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid. All the pitches are floodlit so that training sessions and matches can be held during day or night. Throughout the year several programs are held between leagues of all age groups. They have well-experienced management which makes use of modern training methods to make the player grow to their full potential.

Address: Off Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Dubai Sports City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 448 1555

IFA Sport


IFA Sport established in 2004 is the grassroots sports business in the UAE. Their main aim to provide world-class coaching facilities. They are well known for conducting kids holiday camp programs, especially during summers to keep kids active during the hottest months. They provide coaching to over 1000 kids and provide football activities for over 4000 adults. The participants are of different age groups engaged in different programs. The program for kids aged between 18 months and 4 years is called IFA Dribblers approved by Occupational Therapists and managed by professional coaches. Kids are introduced to the world of football and are taught basics. There are two different programs for kids aged 4- 14 years based on gender. This program is again divided into 3-phases; Fundamentals (4-6yrs), Foundation (7-10yrs) and Development (11+yrs). Mini-tournaments are conducted to test their skills and every day the training is focused on the different perspective of football as well as the players. IFA Sport also has partnered with the UAE Football Association to organise events.

AddressSheikh Zayed Road
Phone04 454 1683

ESM Football Academy


One of the top football academies in Dubai established in 2004 delivering top-notch coaching programs to passionate young football players in and around Dubai. It is the first non-local football organization which is been granted club status officially recognized by the UAE Football Association. They offer programs to kids of age group 3-14 years. For the mini-kickers that mean kids aged between 3-6 years, the program aims to build a foundation instilling basics of football and provide a fun environment. The program for kids aged 7- 14 years aim to further advance the football skill and focus more on the technical and specific skill development. ESM Football Academy has won several awards like Best Sports Youth Academy, Best Sports Development Program etc. The academy has UEFA and FIFA qualified coaches that have years of experience in the field and have worked with players of every level. So they deliver expert guidance at every level. Not only football coaches but they also comprise of specialists to guide players.

Address: Apex Atrium Building, Motor City 315 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Opening Hours: Sunday- Thursday: 9 AM– 5 PM

Phone number: +971 4 369 7817

Elite Sports- Football Academy

Elite Sports- Football Academy

Image Credits: Elite Sports- Football Academy

Started off in 2012, Elite Football Academy has established itself as a well-known name in the Sports world of Dubai. It has got strong connections with over 10 schools across The UAE. They aim to promote the physical and mental growth of kids through sports activity. They also provide swimming coaching and they train up to 1500 young players from different age group. The training is provided mostly for kids of age group 4-16. Kids are grouped on their own age with a maximum of 14 players per coach so as to receive attention to each kid and guarantee the quality of learning. The training/ coaching session is divided into 3 sections- The warm-up which focuses on dribbling, technicality, turns, and ball manipulation; the second part is broken down over a period of 10-12 weeks where they learn dribbling, passing, shooting; the final part deals with young athletes enter into the competitive arena in which they apply the skills learned during the coaching. Your child will be in safe and experienced hands of the coaching team who are well-qualified former professional players, coaches and instructors that have worked at top professional Football Clubs across the globe.

Address: Horizon International School - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Phone Number: +971 4 554 5916

Liverpool International Academy Dubai

Liverpool International Academy Dubai

Image Credits: Liverpool International Academy Dubai

Liverpool is not an unknown name in the football world. In fact, Liverpool F.C. has fans all over the world and have won several cups. If you are a fan of them or want your kid to learn how to play 'The Liverpool Way', then don't waste any second instead get your kid enrolled for the coaching in Liverpool International Academy in Dubai. They have International Academies around the world providing coaching to young players under the guidance of experts. LFC is unique and very special thus they want their younger fans to learn about the various football tactics they use. Their main aim is to develop players both on and off the pitch imparting them skills that can be used in any phase of life. The academy program is divided into three 10-session modules where kids learn all the technical perspectives of football. After each session, they are evaluated by their coach to discuss future development.

Address: Office no. 205 C, Diamond Business Center Arjan, - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 50 297 7474

Alliance Academy


The best Football Academy in Dubai which teaches not just football but also allow your kid to evolve into a good sportsman. The club is more like a family of which you are part of and feels more like a home away from home. Officially the Alliance football Academy started on 16th March 2015 and has now become renowned among Dubai citizens. Alliance Academy is also open to girls. This girl-friendly academy believes in empowering girls not just by the athletic means but also help boost self-confidence and leadership capabilities. They also promote competition among friends so that they can learn football in every aspect. They also focus on individual players by limiting the group of players per each age group, thus identifying strength and weakness. A team of professional, experienced and passionate coaches help kids learn football incorporating latest coaching methodology. Overall it's a place where you can leave your kids safely to learn football.

Address: Sunmarke School, Jumeirah Village Triangle - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 56 393 0007

It's Just Football

It's Just Football

Image Credits: It's Just Football

Established in April 2013 with the aim of providing youth development programme, coaching and event organisation in football in UAE, the It's Just Football has now become one of the best Football Academy in Dubai. Kids of all age group are welcome here- from novice players to young athletes with great potential, this football academy help nurture the talent in each kid. They have an excellent team of coaches who have played and coached at the highest level and hold UEFA A & B license qualifications. The kids are provided with good care and passion in a professional environment. They have 4 indoor and outdoor locations across Dubai and coach around 250+ boys and girls from age group 4-18. They continue to inspire kids by hosting youth leagues, events, tournaments etc. for everyone. This football club is open 24 hours on all day except closed on Thursday.

Address: Football Field - 10th St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 55 909 4809

CF Football Academy Dubai

CF Football Academy Dubai

Image Credits: CF Football Academy Dubai

One of the leading football academies in Dubai, CF Football Academy was established in 2008 with the aim to deliver professional football training to young and aspiring football players. They have an excellent team of UEFA / AFC certified coaches that focus on both theoretical and practical sessions. From the founding year till now they have slowly evolved to become the top football academy across UAE and offer training in emirates of Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. During the 10 years, they have mentored more than 3000 young players both boys and girls between the age of 5 and 16. The CFFA provide affiliate training program called SIS Italy which focus on training and development of kids in the highest standards. They have an excellent ratio of coach and student so that no student will get unattended and each player gets maximum training from their respective coaches. Other than football coaching they also provide child development focusing on social and psychological well-being. The training thus helps improve kids to become excellent players and overall have a good personality.

Phone number: 06-5583379 / 056-4458777 / 050-7273637

SoccerKids Dubai


One of the largest and top soccer coaching academies in the UAE. Soccerkids Dubai was established in 2002, so it is old compared to other football academies in Dubai. They have coaching academies all across the Emirates. Dubai is a multicultural city and the SoccerKids Dubai aim to bring all citizens of UAE irrespective of races, genders and ages to cherish the football game. They provide coaching to pre-schoolers and also young players ensuring that each kid achieves their potential. SoccerKids Dubai is a football academy with a great heart also. for more than 10 years they work on charity programme in association with Chevrolet functioning with kids and adults with disabilities and learning difficulties. They currently have over 150 members in 7 different locations working with specialised centres such as Al Noor, Dubai Centre For Special Needs and the Zayed Higher Organisation. SoccerKids work on principles like training students on the importance of learning and not adopting a "win at all costs" mentality. By looking at the way they operate, we can say that they are truly the best Soccer academy in Dubai.

Phone Number: +971552073168