Sony SmartBand 2 Activity Tracker price in Dubai, UAE

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Technical Specifications for Sony SmartBand 2 Activity Tracker

Battery Up to 2 days
Connectivity Bluetooth, NFC
Display No
Heart Rate Sensor Yes
Water Resistance yes IP68
Weight 25 g

Details of Sony SmartBand 2 Activity Tracker

The Sony SmartBand 2 is a second-generation smartwatch that features a sensor for heart rate designed by Sony itself. The band is a multi-sensor life-logger that provides insights about collected fitness data and stress levels of a user by tracking the time frame that goes between consecutive beats of the user’s heart, as well as other forms of health data such as pulse, calories and step taken over a workout.


The Sony SmartBand 2 is a Bluetooth-enabled smartwatch that comes presented in White and Black colour variants as well as Pink and Indigo colours. The NFC wearable device works with any smartphones working with Android KitKat or iOS 8.2. It features a heart rate monitor, which gives meaningful insights on the user's hearth as well as stress. Sony states that the band is IP68-certified and water-resistant that can handle immersion up to a 3mts, even with the Micro-USB port present on the outside. The Smartwatch also offers tracking features for health conditions and sleep. The watch has the ability to keep track of body functions while the user sleeps with the sleep-detection features. The alarm clock works by transmitting soft vibrations to wake the user up. It also gives users notification alerts when they receive Social media or other notifications email, message or call on their paired smartphone.


The Sony SmartBand 2 is rated to deliver up to 48 hours of battery life on a single charge. All the data compiled by the smartwatch gets compiled in the Sony Life-log app, from where users can see how many steps they have taken, how many staircases they have climbed, what images they have clicked, what places they have been visiting, and how they have been communicating with the world. Handling media playback options are also included. It also alerts users whenever they go more than 10mts away from their paired smartphone.


The Sony SmartBand 2 is composed of a plastic band that houses the hardware inside a detachable module that can be easily removed when is time for a charge. The smartwatch has is controlled through a button to power it up or control alarms, the LED lights come in three different variations to signal notifications from the paired device.

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