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Product Fitbit Fb501Tas-Eu Surge Activity Tracker -Tangerine , Small Uk/Eu
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Updated On:19-01-2019 6:10 AM
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Fitbit Fb501Tas-Eu Surge Activity Tracker -Tangerine , Small Uk/Eu
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Updated On:19-01-2019 6:10 AM
519 AED

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Technical Specifications for Fitbit Surge Activity Tracker

Battery last up to 7 days
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Display Monochrome LCD
Water Resistance Sweat, Rain and Splashproof (Not Swim proof and Shower Proof)

Details of Fitbit Surge Activity Tracker

The Fitbit Surge is a smartwatch with a display that is always active, the device helps the user to keep track the stats of their physical activities and health-related data such as heart-rate. It also works with a GPS to track locations and offer directions. Fitbit's software has one of the largest databases in the EAU since it's designed to appeal to casual runners.


The Fitbit Surge offers continuous 24/7 heart rate monitoring as well as data collected after an intense workout. The device can keep a record of training areas where the best results are obtained. The smartwatch can create registry-based everyday activities such as distance walked, steps are taken, calories burned, floors climbed and active time. This data can be used to improve the health along proper medical supervision. The watch can remain connected at all moments while displaying text and call notifications. The collected stats can be transferred using the wireless features with a quick automatic sync to any computer and a wide catalogue of smartphones models.


The Fitbit Surge has a great performance energy-wise. The battery endurance of the device can last for up to 7 days running basic functions. Activating the GPS makes it workable for up to 10 hours. The battery endurance and charge cycles vary based on usage. This device is required to use the smart functions of the watch. The device is lined with eight-sensor technology and top-performance energy distribution that makes this smartwatch great for activities in the open.


The Fitbit Surge is designed for workout performance, the smartwatch is presented as larger single line OLED that goes around the wrist. The device is able to go through different cycles of multiple stats. It comes in basic black with a mixture of materials. While the watch itself is made of metal, the straps can be customized to fabric or plastic.

Pricing and Offers

The best price of Fitbit Surge is AED 519, available at Souq.

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User reviews of Fitbit Surge

  • Santhosh Dheeraj
    November 23, 2015

    one of the best fitness tracker


    I think price is too high


    compared to other fitness trackers fitbit is the best out of them. fitbit surge has all features compared to other lower prices fitbit products. It has sleep, calories, distance, clock, sleep tracking, auto sleep detection, silent wake alarm, floors climbed, called id,music control,GPS tracking etc

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(average 4.5 out of 5 from 27 ratings)

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