Kenwood Microwave Oven 25L MWM200 price in Dubai, UAE

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Product Kenwood Microwave Oven - White, MWM200
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Updated On:27-05-2018 6:10 AM
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Kenwood Microwave Oven - White, MWM200

Updated On:27-05-2018 6:10 AM
249 AED

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Technical Specifications for Kenwood Microwave Oven 25L MWM200

Capacity Range 21 L - 30 L
Door Opening System Pull Handle
Timers Yes
Type Solo Microwave
Unique Features Defrost setting and quick start function

Details of Kenwood Microwave Oven 25L MWM200

The Kenwood MWM200 is a microwave that is easy to use and can be a lot of help to any cook who has too many tasks to do. It effectively and quickly defrosts frozen food, reheat pre-cooked food easily or steam vegetables.

The MWM200 has a 900-watt power and a 25-litre capacity. It has a quick start function and manual control that is easy to access and makes it easy to operate. It has a decent Defrost setting and a 35 minute pre-set timer.

This microwave has enough power to quickly reheat your pre-cooked food. It provides good distribution of heat, this makes defrosting so easy which also quickens the time for preparing food if you are going to use frozen meat. The microwave’s cavity is made from stainless steel which helps a lot in efficiently heating the food.

The MWM200 has a simple but elegant design. It has enough capacity to cook meals for yourself or your whole family in just a short period of time. The controls are easy to access while the door is easy to open.

Pricing and Offers

The best price of Kenwood MWM200 is AED 249, available at Souq.

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