Sharp 2400W Canister Vacuum Cleaner EC-CA2422 price in Dubai, UAE

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Technical Specifications for Sharp 2400W Canister Vacuum Cleaner EC-CA2422

Features Bagged,Corded
Filling Bagged
Portability Corded
Power 2400 W
Type Canister

Details of Sharp 2400W Canister Vacuum Cleaner EC-CA2422

The Sharp EC-CA2422 is a larger vacuum cleaner with a powerful motor and large dust carrying capacity ideally suited for larger homes, garages and small to medium commercial homes.

The Sharp EC-CA2422 has a simple but utilitarian canister type design. It also has four wheels which give it stability but also allow it to be moved around very easily, despite its larger size. It also comes in yellow and silver design with black plastic accents. It is a bit large in size, and hence is better suited for larger and commercial scale cleaning operations.

Power: 2400 Watts (max)
Dust filter type: dust bag, SMS filter
Dust bag capacity: 22 litres
Vacuum cleaner type: drum/canister type
Colour: Three-tone yellow black and silver

The Sharp EC-CA2422 is a large and powerful cleaner. Its 2400 W motor can provide plenty of suction to clean very dirty places and inside furniture, mattress and carpets. It has a large 22-litre dust bag capacity, thus enabling longer operations without having to worry about emptying it. These features make it well suited for use in places such as a large home, garage or small to medium commercial or public places.

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