SYMA X8C Venture Quadcopter Drone price in Dubai, UAE

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Technical Specifications for SYMA X8C Venture Quadcopter Drone

Battery Life 2000 mAh
Dimensions 500 x 500 x 190 mm
Frequency 2.4GHz
Weight 907 g

Details of SYMA X8C Venture Quadcopter Drone

SYMA X8C Venture is a quadcopter that falls in the category of toy-grade since it has a size of approximately 350mm.

SYMA X8C Venture is a small drone with 4 GB of storage and a battery life of about 8 minutes. It is about 350mm in size and is offered with propellers and is ideal for people who are seeking something basic and would like to have an affordable solution to your drone projects. It takes almost 200 minutes to charge before it can be operated and has a 25C LIPO battery.

SYMA X8C Venture is an easy-to-fly drone that is very friendly when it comes to hovering. The gadget responds very well to any commands and that too pretty immediately. When compared with other copters of the same size, SYMA X8C Venture is less noisy and stable in wind.

SYMA X8C Venture has a relatively large size and weight that helps it to be stable in a windy situation and will definitely not flip around when windy.

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