Philips 0.8L Air Fryer HD9230/52 price in Dubai, UAE

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Technical Specifications for Philips 0.8L Air Fryer HD9230/52

Actual Capacity 800 gm

Details of Philips 0.8L Air Fryer HD9230/52

The unique frying technology allows you to cook without the usage of oil which is an iconic technological advancement put forwarded by Philips and a further one of the exceptional feature of low-fat air fryer technology is that the use of air frying technology to cook food.

When talking about the design of the product; the fryer comes out as a single constructed product where it is only available in black and white color. Further, the outer cover of the fryer is made up of plastic in order to enhance the option of portability by reducing the weight of the fryer and the non-slippery foot available in the fryer makes it harder to fall out from high positions. Parts like dishwasher proof parts and ready alarms are included in the fryer to make more elegant among the other products. Width and dimension of the product are as follows, the weight of the fryer 7 kg, height is 315 mm, depth is 384 mm and the width is 287mm so you can see how portable the product is from the dimensions as it helps to carry risk freely for traveling. Once you order the fryer the package comes out with a recipe book to enhance your cooking abilities Furthermore with the fryer. The machine becomes more special due to the capacity that it can with a stand at once; basically, around 800 grams can be put inside the fryer and can be fried once all together. That feature is an essential feature that adds value to this frying machine because due to the portability of the machine it would be ideal for the once who go out on picnics with large groups, so the food could be fried together for all at once.

A prolific feature available in the fryer is that you don’t have to stay near the fryer in order to switch off after you have cooked it to the right extent because the timing feature available in the frying machine allows you to set a time and switch off automatically to the time you set. Apart from the timing, the machine has a little bit of artificial intelligence to quit itself after the work has been over due to this feature it helps to conserve the electricity as well as the life time of the machine. The adaptability of the power is also excellent in this fryer because it works up with a power of 1425 Watts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for Philips HD923052 Air Fryer

Q. What is the capacity of the cooking basket?
A. The cooking basket of the device has a capacity of 800 grams.

Q. What is the power requirement of the device?
A. The device requires 1400 watts of electricity.

Q. how much does the product weigh?
A. The device weighs around 7 kilograms.

Q. In which colors is the device available in?
A. The device is available either in white or black color.

Q. What material is used to manufacture the main body of the product?
A. The main body of the product is made by plastic.

Q. Does the device have a display?
A. Yes, the device has a Digital touchscreen interface.

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