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AED 995
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Product Bompani Dryer Bo5290 6Kg
Price 995 AED

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Updated On:19-01-2019 6:15 AM
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Bompani Dryer Bo5290 6Kg

Updated On:19-01-2019 6:15 AM
995 AED

FREE delivery on Electronics orders above 500 AED Shipping


Free Delivery within 3 to 4 business days<

Technical Specifications for Bompani 6 KG Condensed Dryer BO5290

Dimensions 59.5 x 55.5 x 85 cm
Type Condensed
Loading Type Front Loading
Display No
Actual Capacity 6 Kg

Details of Bompani 6 KG Condensed Dryer BO5290

Review of Bompani Bo5290 Dryer
With this tumble-dryer produced by Bompani, an Italian household-appliance producing company, tumble-drying (mechanically) laundry has never been this easier! It’s really simple and efficiently effective, like drying magic! With great functionalities thanks to its built-in motors and air-vents, and other built-in tools, it’s easy to dry your laundry: good as new! With tools like an easy-open door and a time-checker built in, to let you know how much time is remaining until your laundry is dried and ready, this appliance is a hot sale on various wish lists! Bompani Bo5290 has a spiral-shaped door, with additional holes to prevent your laundry from becoming too warm. Its logo is featured on the top panel, where the buttons of any other casual tumble dryer would be located. With the little yellowish-orange button at the top, you can easily start the timer, or disable it. Overall, this efficiently effective appliance is one on the wish lists of many appliance-buyers and household chore-doers, but with great functionalities like additional accessories included and useful buttons, and air-vents all about, this is one worth purchasing!
Display and Design
With an overall box-shaped cover, this appliance appears as a medium-sized White box with a metallic material. Its appearance is the most important thing, at least one of the most important features. However, what truly matters is its functionality and its motors, and its speed at the task assigned. Structured like most tumble-dryers, this one has a spiral-shaped door with various holes poked inside of it, forming a spiral-like design. This has been included to keep the laundry from getting too warm. There are also additional air vents at the bottom for a safer way to tumble-dry (by machine/mechanically), with safely-established wheels, (four in total), located at the bottom, established for easier and effectively efficient transportation to-and-fro, either outside of the house, or inside of an office, its wheels do not lock, (unless if you enable some sort of ‘lock-mode’), perfect for efficient travel and transportation. With a strong paint-job of White, to be specifically specifying, this is perfect for heavy-duty jobs, whereas the paint does not easily come off. You can virtually wash and dry the appliance itself, as its paint-job will stay on tight! This box-shaped machine is just what you need for your daily appliances and chore-orientated applications!
Sponsor and Performance
As well as its great abilities and capabilities, however, nothing can top its performance-rate. This tumble-dryer performs like a pro: no matter how wet your laundry is. This machine warms up your laundry, but with its functionalities, it prevents your laundry from becoming too warm. This tumble-dryer dries laundry at a faster rate, compared to most other tumble dryers (and similar appliances). With fast-moving wheels, protected by established pieces of metal and plastic, in addition to controlled shaking (meaning that it won’t shake like crazy while in usage), not to mention of its built-in motors, laundry drying has never been so simple. This machine performs like a drying beast, as it is known for its great difference compared to other brands that produce household appliances, such as tumble-dryers. Bompani is known for its great models, all of which contain great functionalities, especially models like this one.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for Bompani Bo5290 Dryer

Q. What is the gross weight of the product?
A. The whole product weighs around 40 kilograms.

Q. How much capacity does the device have?
A. The device has a capacity of 6 Kg.

Q. What safety feature does the device have?
A. For safety, the device features a Safety thermostat.

Q. How much electricity does the product consume?
A. The device consumes about 1.9kW electricity.

Q. Which energy efficiency class does the device belong to?
A. The device belongs to Energy efficiency class A.

Pricing and Offers

The best price of Bompani BO5290 is AED 995, available at Carrefouruae.

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