Clikon 2.5L Air Fryer CK2257 price in Dubai, UAE

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Technical Specifications for Clikon 2.5L Air Fryer CK2257

Actual Capacity 2.5 litre
Frying Without Oil Yes

Details of Clikon 2.5L Air Fryer CK2257

The model ck2257 of Clikon is an air fryer which uses air frying technology in the process of cooking. The most important factor of this air fryer is that it does not need any oil for cooking because it is totally focused on the concept of making the world a healthy place with healthy people.

The fryer is designed basically as a solution for busy life style. Normally the air fryer is known to be user-friendly and also it is easy to move from one place to another because the package weight of the air fryer is about 6.2 kg and net weight is 4.8 Kg, so it is ideal when you travel long distances with your family. When talking about the power, normally it intakes a power of 220-240V and the frequency goes up to 50-60 Hz. The price of the air fryer is also quite low when compared to other air fryers, but very high in terms of quality and performance so overall product is affordable and very high in quality.

The multi hole detachable food basket available in the air fryer makes it easy to put food inside the fryer easily and also due to that it makes it easy to clean inside the basket once after use; it is one of the unique features that come with the Clikon CK2257. When considering the performance of this air fryer, it performs speeder than the other fryers that exist in the market so if you are a person with the as busy schedule the Clikon Air Fryer would be the ideal match for you. Because you don’t have to waste your time on finding oil and also you don’t have to spend too much of time waiting for your food to be cooked, due to the heat controller available in the fryer it makes your life easy with fast cooking. You only have to adjust the time in the air fryer to the temperature that you want your food to be cooked and you can engage in your daily routine as once the fryer finishes cooking it automatically stops once it reaches the time you have set, so manual transmission is not needed unlike other fryers and also the fryer is user friendly so you can easily set the time and temperature without any confusion. Normally the temperature range of the air fryer goes between 80-200 degrees Celsius and the timer can be set between 30 – 60 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for Clikon Air Fryer - CK2257

Q. What is the power requirement of the device?

A. The device requires 1230 watts of power to operate.

Q. What is the Temperature range of the device?

A. The device has a temperature range of 80 to 200-degree Celsius.

Q. How much does the device weigh?

A. The device has a net weight of 4.8 kilograms.

Q. What are the timer options available on the device?

A. A 30 minute and 60-minute timers are available in the device.

Q. Does the device feature a detachable basket?

A. Yes, the device features a detachable basket.

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