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Product Delonghi 1.5 Liter Deep Fryer - FH1130, White & Gray
Price 395 AED

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Updated On:23-03-2019 6:10 AM
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Delonghi 1.5 Liter Deep Fryer - FH1130, White & Gray

Updated On:23-03-2019 6:10 AM
395 AED

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Technical Specifications for De Longhi 1.5L Air Fryer FH1130

Actual Capacity 1500 gm

Details of De Longhi 1.5L Air Fryer FH1130

Review of De Longhi FH1130 Air Fryer

The De Longhi FH1130 is a low oil air fryer and multi-cooker. It provides fresh and quality food using half the time of conventional cooking methods. The air fryer is a healthier alternative to deep fried foods without sacrificing the crispness that a deep fryer affords. The De Longhi FH1130 is an innovative cooking tool ideal for fast food done well. It comes equipped with a non-stick bowl with an anti-scratch ceramic coating treatment. The bowl and the mixing paddle are removable for a quick cleanup. There is a large viewing window on top of the fryer for an effortless and uninterrupted mid-cook check-in.

Easy to clean The removable lid, paddle, and bowl made for easy cleanup after cooking. Simply wipe down the non-stick bowl and it is ready for next time.

Cool Touch Walls

This air fryer features cool to touch walls. Fryers can be intimidating with their upwards of 350-degree (F) temps. The air fryer uses very little oil making it the safer option.
Automatic Mixing Procedure- When using the mixing paddle, it works automatically to provide constant, even movement of the food for the duration of cook time.

Surround Heating System (SHS) The surround heating system is what makes those fries come out crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It sends heat from all angles to cut down on the time it takes to cook the food. This also helps to ensure that the food is uniformly and evenly cooked throughout.


The De Longhi FH1130 is truly a multi-cooker with its upper tubular enclosed heating element. This element allows for convection as well as grill cooking. You can make an entire meal for the whole family with this tabletop device. The option to cook food statically is available when the mixing paddle is removed. While the mixing paddle moves around the food to distribute heat more easily, by removing the paddles you are able to cook more delicate foods. There are no limits to the foods you can make in the De Longhi FH1130. Make fries, onion rings, peppers, fish and more with this powerful multi-cooker.

Large Capacity

This fryer will fit 1.5kg of fresh potatoes and cook them to perfection. Using the fryer is a foolproof way to get great tasting food that is healthy and fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for De Longhi FH1130 Air Fryer

Q. What is the power requirement of the device?
A. The device needs 1400 w of electricity.

Q. Is the device dishwasher safe?
A. Yes, the device is dishwasher safe.

Q. What is the benefit of Rapid Cooking technology?
A. Rapid Cooking allows you to cook even a kilogram of frozen potato in just 27 minutes.

Q. Can the food that is being cooked be seen?
A. Yes, it can be seen through a Big viewing window.

Q. What types of food can be processed with this fryer?
A. Many varieties of food like fresh potatoes, frozen potatoes, fish, meat and much more can be cooked with this.

Pricing and Offers

The best price of De Longhi FH1130 is AED 395, available at Souq.

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(average 4.3 out of 5 from 49 ratings)

Delonghi 1.5 Liter Deep Fryer - FH1130, White & Gray
(average 4.3 out of 5 from 49 ratings)
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