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Product Haier HB21WRSSA Steel Finish 557 ltr Side By Side Refrigerator
Price 6,499 AED

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Updated On:14-12-2017 6:35 AM
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Haier HB21WRSSA Steel Finish 557 ltr Side By Side Refrigerator

Updated On:14-12-2017 6:35 AM
6,499 AED

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The Haier HB21FWRSSA Refrigerator Strikes You Visually, Along With Its Innovative Features!

Nabanita Maji
Content Writer

While brands like LG and Samsung have dominated the refrigerator market for quite some time now, Haier too seems to have a fair chance in this competition. In the last few years, this popular Chinese brand made a mark by producing some stunning fridge models that went down very well with the consumers. One of its much-appreciated offering is the Haier HB21FWRSSA refrigerator that promises maximum cooling with maximum style.

Haier HB21FWRSSA Refrigerator

I recently got a golden chance to experiment with this brilliant appliance for about a month. Therefore, I would want to share my views on the same. The Haier HB21FWRSSA refrigerator boasts of a visually pleasant get-up, equipped with some fabulous features you would want to try.

Design and Display: The look and feel of the French-door styled HB21FWRSSA fridge deserves a round of applause. Precisely, I am much in awe of its innovative Haier Glass design that adds a touch of class in every home. Moreover, the black color is sure-shot an extra point to reckon with. I'd also make a special mention about its Soft Touch Buttons equipped in the fridge's LED Double Column Light. These smart buttons not only made accessibility of different functions easier and convenient for me, but also operating other settings was quite a fun. With this, you can also control the Refrigerator and Freezer temperature independently.

I get to review a lot of refrigerators with stunning features, but moderate space capacity for veggies and fruits. But with the HB21FWRSSA, space knows no bounds. It has a total dimension of 91*177*76 (Net Width x Height x Depth cm), which is a lot of space all together. Therefore, you can now store as much as vegetables you want to.

Features: The Multi Air Cooling technology is one of the most prominent aspects of this refrigerator that will certainly manage to earn some extra points. It has a 3-Dimension-Cooling, along with Double Air Curtain refrigeration that provides rapid cooling and moisture to your food. The Haier HB21FWRSSA refrigerator rocks when it comes to restoring freshness of your food, and the courtesy goes to its VC Fresh feature. I stored some vegetables and fruits in the fridge for one week. And to my surprise, the freshness was as it is, even after the completion of the week. It is an incredible thing to see, and yes, the HB21FWRSSA scores over its counterparts on this aspect.

Performance: The HB21FGBAA is a class when it comes to performance. Equipped with a temperature sensor, this appliance can precisely monitor the change of the compartment temperatures and intelligently adjust temperature for optimum preservation of food stored in it. As for its Super Cool Setting, I feel it’s worth mentioning. Though I wasn't much sure of the operation behind this setting, I did try adjusting it. And the setting worked in both up and down ways for better and faster cooling.

The fridge has received an A+ Energy Rating and promises to use "up to 25% less energy compared with an A energy rated fridge". There is nothing much I can comment on this, because I didn't get much time to experiment with it. 

Racks & Shelves: The Haier HB21FWRSSA refrigerator boasts of a number of racks, shelves and drawers. It features Foldable Bottle Rack, made of High Grade Stainless Steel. So, you can now chill all your drinks and beverages inside the rack. The appliance also has Adjustable Spill Proof Shelves in order to prevent seeping of liquid from the shelf in case of any spill. There is also the Revolutionary Easy Access Drawer System, which I haven't witnessed in other Haier fridge till now.

Pricing: The launch price of the HB21FGBAA was AED 6499, which is an apt deal for premium refrigerators. But the current price of the fridge has come down to AED 3499 that goes well with its high-end technology and features. Though the buying decision totally lies with the consumers, but we assume 3499 AED is a good deal for this Haier model.

Verdict: The Haier HB21FGBAA is arguably one of the best french door refrigerators I have come across so far. The one thing that is sure to strike anyone is its class design, packed with some high-end features. Moreover, the HB21FGBAA will get some extra points for its spacious factor. Having said all this, I would refrain myself from speaking about the fridge's energy-efficiency aspect. Overall, the HB21FGBAA is a great product and does justice to most of what it promises.

Technical Specifications for HAIER HB21FWRSSA

Door Type Side-by-Side
Capacity 541 L
Energy Ratings A+
Defrost Type Frost Free
Features Super Cool Function
Dimensions 177 X 76 X 91 cm
No Of Doors doors-2, drawers-2
Frost Options Frost Free
Water Dispenser yes
Ice Dispenser yes
Ice Maker yes