Bosch 10 Cups Coffee Maker TKA3A034GB price in Dubai, UAE

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Technical Specifications for Bosch 10 Cups Coffee Maker TKA3A034GB

Actual Cup Capacity 10
Water Level Indicator Yes
Dimensions 335 x 170 x 245 mm
Weight 1.6 kg

Details of Bosch 10 Cups Coffee Maker TKA3A034GB

The classy red Bosch coffee maker is there to provide a good cup of brew with some extra comfort. It comes with elegant features and is easy to use. Bosch coffee maker looks fabulous and is one of the best gadgets you can buy at a reasonable price. The Filtered Machine lets you make great coffee within your range. This machine is unique, elegant and produces an excellent brew each serving. This machine contains a reservoir of 1.25l which in turn provides 10-15 cups of hot coffee per serving. It is easy to clean and saves time, as its dish washer proof.
The technology helps the coffee to be with an excellent flavor. The water level indicator indicates the level and allows you to pour the required volume of water.
It has a straightforward and elegant design with a luscious red color as its outer covering. The machine has automated shut off option if left unused for a few hours which helps in saving both electricity and additional expenses.
It is a quick and efficient machine for people who are always in a rush. It is capable of producing an excellent brew whenever you please with its unique Drip Stop option. Due to its elegant drip filter option, you need not wait until the end of a brewing cycle to enjoy a cup of coffee, as it allows you to indulge in a hot cup of coffee whenever needed.
This machine is dishwasher safe and easy to clean and store for excellent hygiene conditions. It's easy options and attractive features look great on any pantry or household.
The Auto Off function featured in the device shuts the appliance off, guaranteeing a higher level of convenience and security while reducing electricity usage. The Drip-stop facility prevents your device from dripping coffee to the hotplate which may ruin the machine. The hotplate stays clean and free of stains, helping you to reduce the hassle of cleaning.


Aroma shielding glass jug for 10/15 cups (1.25 l)
Brewing system for maximum flavor extraction
Drip Stop
Integrated Water tank included water level indicator
Detachable swing-out filter (1x4)
Hot plate
Safe Storage jug, cable and plug depot for compact and secure storage
Powerful 1100-Watt (max) heating for full aroma
Secure storage of glass jug
Swing-out filter for easy removal and cleaning


Easy cleaning and removal of the filter
Swing out filter
Drip stops
Safe storage

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for BOSCH TKA3A034GB Coffee Machine

Q. In what color does the device comes in?

A. The device is available in red color.

Q. Does the device feature auto-shutoff?

A. Yes, the device features auto-shutoff after 2 hours.

Q. What is the jug capacity of the device?

A. The jug in the device has a capacity of 1.25 liters.

Q. how much does the whole device weigh?

A. The device weighs around 1.58 Kilograms.

Q. Does the device feature a water level indicator?

A. Yes, the device features a water level indicator.

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