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Product Electrolux Breakfast Grinder - EKF7900-AR, Silver
Price 510 AED

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Updated On:21-03-2019 6:10 AM
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Electrolux Breakfast Grinder - EKF7900-AR, Silver

Updated On:21-03-2019 6:10 AM
510 AED

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Technical Specifications for Electrolux 12 Cups Coffee Maker EKF7900AR

Actual Cup Capacity 12

Details of Electrolux 12 Cups Coffee Maker EKF7900AR

The brand Electrolux is a leader in manufacturing quality household appliances. It is a Swedish company renowned worldwide for its innovative and high-end electronic products.
Electrolux EKF7900AR coffee maker is 19.2 x 32 x 36.1 in dimensions and made of stainless steel. The users could be awakened with a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee to enliven a long day ahead. Thus, the purchase of an Electrolux EKF7900AR is worthwhile.

This stainless-steel coffee maker has an LCD display which can be pre-programmed for easy use and the display of important information.

Electrolux EKF7900AR’s aroma strength selection mode, ProBrew shower system and automated shut off features help keep the coffee warm in various temperatures. It also has a modern self-cleaning technology and a permanent filter to save you an additional expenditure of purchasing replaceable filters. It makes cleaning easy and helps save time. The programmable display is of great convenience to save time when in a rush.
With its bold and regular knobs, ProBrew technology and Aroma strength selector options extract the best of coffee in a brewing cycle. The Automated shut off mode gradually turns off this coffee maker after a limited time frame of 40 minutes in order to prevent the machine from overheating. As a result, the user does not have to worry about the task of switching it off them.
Electrolux EKF7900AR coffee maker consists of an automated 24-hour function, which allows the user to program the start of the brewing cycle. The keep warm technology keeps the brewed coffee warm by not overheating it up to 2 long hours.
The LCD Display which is a high contrast allows easy selection of programs. It is wide angled, thus viewing the display is very convenient. The thermal carafe holds the brewed coffee for long hours and the hot plate keeps it warm. A push of a button the lid permits easy pouring into a cup.
The water filter in the Thermos Jug is removable and transparent for easy cleaning and also for checking the water level. Electrolux EKF7900AR coffee marker has an improved brewing technology for ensuring the best taste of coffee. This high-end coffee maker has a 1080-Watt power capacity and a 1.65-litre water level indicator. It is sold at the rate of AED 399 in the UAE.

You can buy ELECTROLUX EKF7900AR Coffee Maker online in UAE at lowest prices from leading online stores at The above-listed stores deliver to all major regions in UAE like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for ELECTROLUX EKF7900AR Coffee Maker

Q. What is the power requirement of the device?
A. The device requires 1080 Watts of electricity.

Q. How many cups of coffee can be made on a single go?
A. Up to 12 cups of coffee can be made at once.

Q. In what color does the device come in?
A. The device comes in a combination of black and metallic silver color.

Q. Does the device feature Auto shut-off?
A. Yes, the device features Auto shut-off.

Q. How much does the device weighs in the package?
A. The device weighs around 4 kilograms in the package.

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The best price of Electrolux EKF7900AR is AED 510, available at Souq.

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(average 2.8 out of 5 from 4 ratings)

Electrolux Breakfast Grinder - EKF7900-AR, Silver
(average 2.8 out of 5 from 4 ratings)
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