LG 2200W Canister Vacuum Cleaner VP7322NNT price in Dubai, UAE

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Technical Specifications for LG 2200W Canister Vacuum Cleaner VP7322NNT

Features Corded
Portability Corded
Power 2200 W
Type Canister

Details of LG 2200W Canister Vacuum Cleaner VP7322NNT

The high-end LG VP7322NNT vacuum cleaner is light and slim in structure, making it a beauty to store and use. Its big wheels make it easy to smoothly move it from room to room. It is a bagless and corded cleaner eliminating the need for regular bag changes.

This LG vacuum cleaner model comes in an attractive gold colour with black patterns on it. Its round slim shape and big wheels make it convenient for use and storage. It has a lightweight of only 5kg, and thus you can make it follow you wherever you go.

With a 300W suction power, the LG VP7322NNT vacuum cleaner is one of the best cleaners in the market. Its 21L dust capacity ensures uninterrupted cleaning experience, and its long code covers a wider surface area for faster cleaning. In addition to removing dirt, this cleaner also has a blower function that wipes off fluids. Its compact structure makes it a powerful cleaning tool that’s easy to maneuver through the house.

The LG VP7322NNT is an all-purpose cleaner for dirt and dust. Its powerful 300W suction power enables it to trap even the smallest dirt particles. It has a low energy consumption of 2200W that makes it a relief to clean your living space regularly without worrying about an increase in your energy bills.

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