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Product Dyson DC28c (Multifloor Vacuum Cleaner)
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Updated On:17-02-2018 5:55 AM
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Dyson DC28c (Multifloor Vacuum Cleaner)
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Updated On:17-02-2018 5:55 AM
1,360 AED

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Review of Dyson 1300W Bagless Vacuum Cleaner DC28C

Dyson DC28C: Is This Vacuum Cleaner Worth The Price?

Nabanita Maji
Content Writer

Dyson vacuum cleaners are known for performing phenomenally well at removing debris from hard floors. After reviewing some of best Dyson models in the past, the latest one that grabbed my attention is the DC28C: a high-end vacuum cleaner that offers a distinctive, functional, feature-rich design, along with superb performance. The Dyson DC28C is a lightweight vacuum, which promises more power than its predecessor.

Dyson DC28C

The DC28C packs some stunning features and that's what made me all excited to personally try this device for a week. Check out below, to see how the vacuum performed during the test:

Type & Design: The Dyson DC28C Multi Floor vacuum cleaner is small, innovative and light-weight. It features a very stylish, ergonomic and contemporary design, suitable for modern living. Moreover, its visually appealing, ideal for effective cleaning across every floor type.

Overall, the machine's build quality is very good, and you can also use the adjustable wand that extends to the length you need for convenient high-reach cleaning. Personally, I have always been a bit of a mess with vacuums. Therefore, I was a bit nervous when I first laid my hands on this new model. But thanks to the manual provided along with the DC28C, which was quite simple to understand, making the set up an easy method and no fuss. 

Features: The Dyson DC28c Multi-Floor Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner features the innovative Ball technology that provides greater control over furniture and awkward spaces. The interesting part of this brilliant technology is that all the major components (such as the electronics, the motor, the pre-motor filter and 6.5m of power cable) are packed within the spherical ball. This provides a low center of gravity, resulting in more stability.

The Radial Root Cyclone technology is yet another important aspect of the Dyson DC28c device that's worth mentioning. This technology remodel airflow to maximize suction power, resulting in improved flow efficiency along with reduced turbulence and preserved air pressure.

Performance: There's one very significant fact I've noticed about the DC28C, i.e. the brand has carried out a lot of improvements in terms of performance. The device looks small, yet so powerful and seemed easier to move around the house. The Dyson DC28C vacuum cleaner promises excellent combination of power and performance, along with a great suction power.

The device has been designed to provide high dust and dirt removal on all floors. But it struggled a bit while cleaning up the ground-in dirt out of carpeting. The suction power is insane and the other functionalities too are worth it. The only thing that disappointed me is the length of the pipe, which I found a bit shorter.

Other features: Though the DC28c cleaner is certified as asthma & allergy friendly. I was initially a bit hesitant to use it. I am terribly allergic to dust; therefore, I always make sure to cover my face with a handkerchief while dusting with any vacuum. Unlike a few last disastrous dusting experiences, this time everything went fine without me suffering any kind of irritation or allergy while dusting. The Dyson DC28c is impressive and also manages to keep up to its promise.

Pricing: Dyson is one of the best vacuum cleaner brands around, therefore its certainly costlier. With a price tag of AED 1774, the Dyson DC28c is slightly more expensive. If you are not willing to spend much on buying vacuum cleaners, you may opt for brands like Karcher, Hitachi that are more affordable.

Verdict: I am very much in favor of the Dyson DC28C, especially with the 5 year guarantee. It is an apt appliance, with regards to suction power and attachments. Possibly the only complaint I have is the noise factor. Especially when you increase the suction power of the machine, it gets slightly disturbing with the sound. Having said all this, I’d suggest going for this model only if price isn’t a concern for you.

Technical Specifications for Dyson 1300W Bagless Vacuum Cleaner DC28C

Type Canister
Features Bagless, Corded
Power 1300 W
Portability Corded
Filling Bagless
Weight 7.3 kg