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Review of LG Gram 15

LG Gram 15: Redefining the lightness of large-screen laptops

Vinu Varughese Oommen
Technology Reporter

LG Gram 15

It’s all about how thin and light the laptop is for all those road warriors, isn’t it? Since the introduction of the Apple MacBook, companies have been trying to create the perfect notebook that not only is super-thin, but also very light to carry around. Interestingly, LG makes their foray into the laptop market with the LG Gram, and what we have here is the 15-inch variant. Let us begin.

Design and Features

LG Gram 15There is a reason why the LG Gram 15 has its name (No, it doesn’t weigh 1 Gram). The first time we picked up the device, we couldn’t feel the weight that was thought to be there. It’s unbelievably so light (980g) that even when holding from any end corner, there wouldn’t be any strain or whatsoever on our hands, thanks to the magnesium alloy chassis that’s touted to be durable for everyday life.

This big and slim machine holds a huge 15.6-inch display is blessed with an IPS made by LG themselves, who are already a pioneer in IPS monitors and televisions. Here in this case, the resolution of the display is 1920 x 1080. The super-thin bezels add up for more screen estate. While the display looked crisp, I noticed that the whites of the screen were a bit dull.

Since the laptop is large in size, LG managed to cram in a large keyboard for the LG Gram 15, including numeric keys. The key travel is great for such a laptop, and the keys felt great to type. The mouse pad is large with a smooth surface. Unfortunately, this keyboard doesn’t feature backlit keys, which is a shame for a premium and costly laptop.

The LG Gram 15 features several connectivity options, such as an HDMI port, a USB 2.0 port and a USB Type-C port on the left, and one USB 2.0 port. One USB 3.0 port, headphone jack, and a MicroSD card slot on the right side. Speaking of which, for such a huge body, it puzzles us as to why would LG integrate a MicroSD card slot for a 15-inch laptop, even when the device features a full-size HDMI port. There is also a power connected indicator, and SSD activity on the right side. Speaking of which, for such a huge body, it puzzles us as to why would LG integrate a MicroSD card slot for a 15-inch laptop, even when the device features a full-size HDMI port. There is also a power connected indicator, and SSD activity on the right side.

LG Gram 15While the LG Gram 15 holds a hinge to move the display, the system camera happens to be integrated within the hinge, which is somewhat reminiscent of the Dell XPS 13. While the Dell XPS 13’s camera was placed on the bottom left bezel of the screen in which videos sort of looked upright, it wasn’t as bad as the LG Gram 15. The placement of the camera on the LG Gram 15 is the worst that I have seen (the only major bad remark of the laptop). You actually have to adjust the screen to a particular angle, and sit straight on a chair for your face to appear properly in the video. What’s worse is that your eyes will always appear like you are looking upwards in the video. I understand that LG had to shift the camera to keep the bezel thin, but this is just something that the design team either failed to check, or that they thought this can be a new cool trend. Bottom line: this laptop is not meant for Skype users. If you try to bend down the screen, the video gets cut in half because the camera moves along with the hinge and faces the rear side of the body.

he bottom of the laptop is fanless, and the ventilation goes from the rear end, which is a good thing. The lid is plain with an LG logo on the upper right end. That’s about it for design. Let’s dive into the specifications.

Chipset Configuration

Inside the hood of the LG Gram 15 lies the Intel Core i5-6500U dual-core processor, teamed up with 4GB DDR3 RAM, and a 256GB SSD with Windows 10 Home installed. Thanks to the SSD, programs and Windows worked flawlessly without any lags to notice. Our PC Mark 8 Creative test bagged a score of 3493.


The LG Gram 15 holds a large 2-cell 4495 mAh battery that’s touted to run for 7 hours. In my time of use, the LG Gram 15 was able to almost last a whole day while doing mixed uses, which included browsing, writing articles, a bit of Skype, video playback and image editing.


The LG Gram 15 is priced at AED 4399 in Dubai, UAE. While the laptop is comparatively cheaper than other premium Windows ultrabooks, they could have made it a bit cheaper.

Technical Specifications for LG Gram 15

OS + Version Windows 10 Home
Display Size 15 inch - 15.9 inch
Processor Intel Core i5,Intel Core i7
Ram Type DDR 3
Graphic Card Brand Intel
Graphics Memory Below 1 GB
Hard Drive 320 GB
Hard Drive Type SSD
Battery 2Cell (Li-Polymer, 4495mAh / 34.61 Wh)
USB Ports 4
Video Outputs 1
Card Slots 1
Connectivity wifi bluetooth
Weight Below 1.5 KG

Details of LG Gram 15

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for LG Gram 15
Q. How much does the laptop weigh?
A. The laptop only weighs around 1 Kg.
Q. How much memory can be stored on the SSD?
A. Up to 512 GB can be stored on the SSD.
Q. Does the laptop feature USB Type C-port?
A. Yes, the laptop comes with a USB Type C-port.
Q. Which is the default OS on this device?
A. This model comes with Windows 10 Home.
Q.  How much does the product weigh?
A. The product just weighs around 1 Kg.

Pricing and Offers

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