Bosch 15 Cups Coffee Maker TES803M9GB price in Dubai, UAE

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Technical Specifications for Bosch 15 Cups Coffee Maker TES803M9GB

Actual Cup Capacity 15
Type Electronic, NTC
Water Level Indicator yes
Timer yes
Integrated Coffee Grinder yes

Details of Bosch 15 Cups Coffee Maker TES803M9GB

Bosch, a manufacturer whose products are known to stand up for uncompromising quality, absolute reliability and technical perfection, has described this machine as the fully-automatic indulgence maker, serving amazing coffees just with the touch of a button.

Bosch comes with a sophisticated sound design with special seals and optimized insulation that significantly reduce noise in Bosch’s automatic coffee machines. With this unique feature, the moment you start making your coffee, your premium coffee experience commences.
The OneTouch Design Function enables the production of all coffee types at the touch of a button. There is also the PersonalCoffee Pro for saving your own unique personal beverage settings
The design also comes with the CreamPro Concept to the take milk froths to perfection and the milk nozzle is designed to maximally swirl milk, steam and air for exceptionally creamy froth every time.
Lastly, the AromaDouble Shot concept makes Extra-strong coffee with less bitterness based on the two grinding and brewing processes incorporated in the Bosch’s unique machine.

OneTouch Function: As dispensing the coffee and milk froth is controlled automatically with the help of innovative technology, every beverage is available at just the touch of a button. Preparing all coffee specialties with this OneTouch Function practically happens itself in no time.
With PersonalCoffee Pro, the options for creating coffee are almost limitless. Up to six people can set up a profile with their name, save their own personal settings for all their favorite beverages and easily access them whenever needed.
IndividualCup Volume: This feature allows you to adjust the preset cup sizes, whether it is large, small or medium; ensuring that the filling quantity is perfect for your cup size.
Height-adjustable coffee outlet: This gives you the freedom to create whatever coffee you desire with your Bosch fully automatic coffee machine. Even for tall latte macchiato glasses, there is provision for plenty of space.
The two cups selection option for espresso and coffee features two grinding and brewing processes.

Cleaning and Hygiene
The Bosch machine takes hygiene very seriously and so provides easy-to-clean components which include:
Removable brewing unit: For hygienic cleaning, even inside the appliance, the brewing unit is easy to remove, and can be rinsed under running water and then replaced.
With SinglePortion Cleaning, you are guaranteed of perfect indulgence and freshness with every cup of coffee, as the pipes are cleared of any remaining water after each brewing process.
With CreamCleaner, you can quickly and conveniently rinse the milk system at the touch of a button for perfect milk froth and optimal hygiene every time.
The machine comes with a CreamCleaner for convenient rinsing of the milk system
Calc'nClean- is to make sure that your enjoyment lasts and to guarantee a long service life for your appliance, Calc'nClean offers a combined cleaning and descaling program to remove scale deposits and coffee residues.

Guarantee and Performance
The 15,000-cup guarantee is a part of this Bosch machine endorsement. With the 15,000-cup guarantee, Bosch confirms a consistently high appliance quality from the first cup to the 15,000th. This shows the high standards set in performance, premium quality, durability and technical perfection that have shaped today's kitchen technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for Bosch TES803M9GB

Q. What is the weight of the coffee maker?
A. The coffee maker weighs 11.30 kg.

Q. What is the dimensions of the device.
A. The dimensions are 385 x 301 x 458 mm.

Q. How can the device be controlled?
A. Types of control include Electronic and NTC.

Q. What is the brewing system?
A. Brewing system piston pressure.

Q. What is the durability of the device?
A. The 15,000-cup guarantee is a part of this Bosch machine endorsement. With the 15,000-cup guarantee, Bosch confirms a consistently high appliance quality from the first cup to the 15,000th.

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