LG 9 KG Condensed Dryer RC9066C3F price in Dubai, UAE

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Technical Specifications for LG 9 KG Condensed Dryer RC9066C3F

Dimensions 600x640x850mm
Type Condensed
Loading Type Front Loading
Display Touch LED
Timer Digital Timer
Actual Capacity 9 kg

Details of LG 9 KG Condensed Dryer RC9066C3F

Review of LG RC9066C3F Dryer

This 9kg LG dryer has a big capacity stainless steel drum so you can load more clothes. The reduced frequency drying adds to ensure fast drying.
The scratch resistant, rust resistant steel drum is bright and stays clean for longer.
The LG RC9066C3F Neo prime Dryer has a chrome door.
The LG RC9066C3F Neo prime Dryer features LED light in the stainless steel drum. You can watch as the clothes dry.
There is an extra separate rack attachment for the LG RC9066C3F Neo prime Dryer. This is specifically made for shoes or delicate fabrics that require refreshing without tumbling.

With the eco hybrid dryer, you can save more energy and time. This feature cares for gentle clothes and provides reduced temperature drying that is high in energy efficiency. With eco mode, dryer electricity rates are reduced while drying time is cut short with speed mode.
Your LG RC9066C3F Neo prime Dryer is designed to perform at optimal energy efficiency. The inverter technology using the advanced inverter compressor makes this possible.
With pump technology, the LG RC9066C3F Neo prime Dryer can dry delicate fabrics much safer using low temperatures. This method also reduces the amount of shrinkage and wrinkles on clothes, helping to take better care of clothes.
The LG RC9066C3F Neo prime Dryer has the award for allergen reduction. This dryer can reduce up to 99.9% of allergens in clothes with technology and smart drying.
The true steam technology of this dryer helps in wrinkle reduction. This freshens up clothes and penetrates the fabric to reduce wrinkles. The pure steam released from the steam generator fights allergens, smoothens wrinkles and leaves fabrics smelling fresh. It saves time by significantly cutting down on ironing time. You might not even need to iron after this.
Forget about regular lint vacuuming from your dryer as this unit has auto cleaning condenser. During the drying cycle, the inverter pump will wash the condenser automatically up to seven times. You can leave out this task on your to do list and fill it with something more important or take that much-needed break. Added to this automatic cleaning is the fact that the filter is not positioned to block the chrome door. You can clearly view your laundry inside the machine. The filter is removable and easy to clean. Bacterial contaminants are prevented from invading as the antibacterial water tank stops this.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for LG RC9066C3F Dryer

Q. What is the color of the washer?
A. The color of the washer is luxury silver.

Q. What is the capacity of the dryer?
A. This front loading dryer has a 9 kg capacity.

Q. How many drying modes are possible in the LG Condenser Dryer?
A. The LG Condenser Dryer has 5 various levels of drying that are programmed in the machine.

Q. What about the product dimension?
A. The dimension of the product is 600x640x850mm (WXHXD).

Q. Is the device protected against bacterial attacks?
A. Yes. The tank contains an antibacterial substance that helps prevent the emergence of any bacterial contaminants.

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