Razer Wildcat Controller Xbox One price in Dubai, UAE

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Details of Razer Wildcat Controller Xbox One


The Wildcat Razer sports a straightforward, all-dark design that is highlighted marginally by Razer's snake like logo on the base right. The Wildcat winds up comfier and easier to hold once you append its lively looking neon-green elastic grasps.  The heading cushion is a four-fragment group nearer to that of a DualShock 4 with a couple of sliding trigger bolt switches sit under the best arrangement of substitute triggers. Two extra matches of triggers sit on the underside of the Wildcat, comparable to the removable oars on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. The Wildcat Razer is smooth, gleaming dark plastic instead of metal, and feels more natural to reach with your fingers. The Wildcat is totally wired with a recessed small scale USB port on the highest point of the controller giving you a chance to connect with your Xbox One or PC with the included six-foot link. The Wildcat's trigger locks enable you to bring down the movement on either trigger to flame quicker in shooting games. The Razer Wildcat is a nice gamepad that works well with both the Xbox One and Windows 10 systems, and it is a worthy addition into the list of good gaming controllers.

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