Hori Real Arcade Pro Rap 4 Kai PS4 price in Dubai, UAE

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Details of Hori Real Arcade Pro Rap 4 Kai PS4


The Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai 4 might not be as big but its weight, form factor and cushioning on the bottom should help it sit comfortably on most players’ laps. Another nice touch to this controller is that the sides of the face protrude farther out than the base itself. This makes it easy to grab it from the sides and adjust its position if need be. The controller has an assigned feature that allows you to re-map or disable certain buttons on the fly. At the back of the controller is the slot for the cord and the PS4 touch pad. The cable compartment is huge, making it easier to store the cable away when you’re done playing. The assign mode in the Hori Gaming Controller ensures you have the ability to reassign the L1, L2 And Options buttons. The joysticks and buttons are loaded with Hori’s own products such as Hayabusa joystick and Kuro buttons. There is also the Hayabusa joystick and the throw feels a touch smoother than others. As for the buttons, these require a smidgen more of an effort to strike, but they feel good and durable. In short, the Hori Real Arcade Gaming Controller has the potential to satisfy the lovers of arcade and fighting games.

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