Huawei Color Band A1 Activity Tracker price in Dubai, UAE

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Technical Specifications for Huawei Color Band A1 Activity Tracker

Connectivity bluetooth
Weight 20g

Details of Huawei Color Band A1 Activity Tracker

The A1 Color Band from Huawei is a wearable activity tracker that has been termed the smart bracelet. This device can be bought as a pair with the Huawei Nova phone to fully enjoy its benefits. When paired with a phone, the LED light on the phone will notify you of any phone calls or messages on the phone and it can also be set to vibrate in case someone is calling you while you’re on track.

This colour band is an all-encompassing mobile device that will monitor you for healthy living. Its characteristic features include a health data centre, Fitness measurement, UV monitoring, Sleep monitoring and fitness supervision.

This colour band has an intelligent tracking feature that enables it to track the number of steps and distance you have walked or run. It will also record the amount and quality of sleep you have received and calories burned. Another important function of the colour band is UV sensor recording wheel is that it alerts you of the radiation level in your current location.

The Huawei colour band A1 is a tiny silicon band with a seemingly rudimentary metal clasp that snaps through holes in adjustment to your wrist. The band is curved to fit the tracker and it has a small charging cradle on the side.

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