Karcher 1300W Dry Vacuum Cleaner Vc3 price in Dubai, UAE

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Technical Specifications for Karcher 1300W Dry Vacuum Cleaner Vc3

Capacity Range 0.5L - 1 L
Dimensions 388 x 269 x 334 mm
Dust Bag Capacity 0.9L
Features multicyclone technology
Filling Bagless
Noise Level In Decibles 76 - 78 dB
Portability Corded
Power 1300W
Type Canister
Weight 4.5Kg

Details of Karcher 1300W Dry Vacuum Cleaner Vc3

The Karcher Vacuum Cleaner VC 3 is a powerful multi cyclone vacuum cleaner. This cleaner which does not require a filter bag is easily washable, easy to use and keep because of its reasonably small size and is quite economical.


The Bagless Karcher Vacuum Cleaner VC 3 has a waste containing capacity of 0.9 litres and a cleaning radius of 7.5 metres. It has a 1.5m suction hose and can be connected to the normal power supply of 200-240V. It features HEPA 12 filters and multi cyclone technology which makes it powerful for particle suction.


Karcher Vacuum Cleaner VC 3 is a powerful performer with strong suction power due to its multi cyclone technology. Its HEPA 12 filters have capability for trapping virtually all particles for an extremely clean air and numerous health benefits. Besides its noise level is low and can be used conveniently at home with minimal disturbance. It is particularly useful in cleaning carpets, any floors including gaps any other difficult crevices.


Karcher Vacuum Cleaner VC 3 at 4.5kg without accessories is easy to handle and store conveniently in the home. There is no need for the replaceable filter bags as it comes with a transparent waste container which makes it possible to clean for reuse and is easy to observe its cleaning effect. Its soft handle is gentle for any user.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for Karcher 1300W Dry Vacuum Cleaner Vc3

Q. What is the capacity of the device?
A. The device capacity range is 0.5L - 1 L.

Q. What is the Dust Bag Capacity?
A.The Dust Bag Capacity is 0.9L.

Q. What is the weight of the device?
A.The weight of the device 4.5 kg.

Q. Can it be used for cleaning car?
A. Yes. It can be used for cleaning car.

Q. Can it clean fan and ceiling dirt?
A. Yes. It can be used for cleaning fan and ceiling dirt.

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