Hoover 5 KG Condensed Dryer VTC791NB-80 price in Dubai, UAE

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Technical Specifications for Hoover 5 KG Condensed Dryer VTC791NB-80

Dimensions 850 x 600 x 600 mm
Type Condensed
Loading Type Front Loading
Noise Level In Decibels 68 dB
Actual Capacity 5 L

Details of Hoover 5 KG Condensed Dryer VTC791NB-80

Review of Hoover VTC791NB-80 Dryer

For those who are having challenges getting the right kind of home dryers for their use, the Hoover VTC791NB-80 tumble dryer provides the perfect solution. It is designed with lots of important features that are perfect for the entire family. We all know the Hoover brand is one of the top-rated brands in the world when home appliances are concerned. And they have lived up to their reputation on this one too. Let’s find out the features of this product and see why it’s highly rated on the market today.

Key Features of the Product
With this dryer, you have lots of options. The Hoover VTC791NB-80 tumble dryer has 9kg load capacity. That’s awesome considering the compact nature of the dryer. With this load capacity, it can be used either at home or for commercial basis.
It’s also designed with 4 sensor dry programs, making your drying task very swift and effective. With the B energy rating of the product, you are assured that your Hoover dryer will consume very little energy within a year. It’s always good to consider the energy consumption rate of appliances before buying. Thankfully, you’ll be spending less on energy on this product compared to other types of dryer models in its category. Other excellent features of this Hoover dryer model include filter care indicator, highly effective reverse action, speedy iron cycle, and cool airing system.

Hoover VTC791NB-80 dryer has an efficient design with a holding capacity large enough to dry an entire family’s wash load in a very short time. There are many washing and drying options you can choose from, ranging from iron dry to fully dry. One other quality that makes it strikingly more superior to other dryers is its compact design despite the holding capacity of 9 kg.

The condenser technology makes it possible to move your Hoover dryer and effectively place it anywhere in the house. This new technology is an improvement on the conventional vent hose of other dryers which hinders flexibility.
With a strong condenser, quality design, effective drying and a LED display, the Hoover VTC791NB-80 has provided all the essential features to help you get your clothes dry in a very short time. The positive reviews and high customer ratings it has garnered over the years only show that this dryer has performed more than its expectations. It is therefore highly recommended for those looking for a very effective home dryer at an affordable rate.

You can buy Hoover VTC791NB-80 Dryer online in UAE at lowest prices from leading online stores at The above-listed stores deliver to all major regions in UAE like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for Hoover VTC791NB-80 Dryer

Q. What is the load capacity of the device?
A. The device has a load capacity of 9 kilograms.

Q. What Energy Rating does the device have?
A. The device features B-level Energy Rating.

Q. How much height does the device have?
A. Yes, the device has 85 cm height.

Q. How many dry programs do the device feature?
A. The device features 4 Sensor dry programs.

Q. Does the device have a display?
A. Yes, the device has a digital display.

Q. How much energy does the machine consume annually?
A. The device consumes 617 kWh/annum.

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