Lg 5.1ch 1200W Home Theater System LHD756W price in Dubai, UAE

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Technical Specifications for Lg 5.1ch 1200W Home Theater System LHD756W

Actual Sound Output 1200 watts
Compatible Discs DVD
Connectivity bluetooth hdmi usb
Number Of Channels 5.1 Channel

Details of Lg 5.1ch 1200W Home Theater System LHD756W

Review of LG LHD756W Home Theater System

The LG LHD756W Home Theater system is another exceptional creation from the experts at LG. This system packs surreal sound and can engulf your room with almost life like sound that surrounds you and increases the enjoyment of your entertainment. The wireless Bluetooth enabled speakers are a big save from clumsy looking wired connection and can sync with your devices and play directly.

The LG LHD756W Home Theater system has a sleek and fashionable modern design that can fit into any space or room. This matching set looks subtle in the background but delivers powerful sound almost like a cinema recreation for maximum enjoyment. Whether it is music you want to enjoy, a game you want to feel a part of or your favorite movie playing for the hundredth time, this home theater system will deliver a wonderful experience.

This home theater system delivers strong and effective sound with its 5.1 channel. The dual subwoofer contributes to sound quality by introducing beautiful bass that enriches the sound quality. The LG LHD756W Home Theater system is the top choice for your sitting room, bedroom or even a presentation room in your office environment. The powerful speakers of your system will deliver great sound to the corners of your room always.

The LG LHD756W Home Theater system allows for recording of sound being played directly from the DVD-HTS. Simply plug in your USB device, make your selection and begin to record whatever you want. The recording does not stop the playback feature. As the sound is being recorded on your USB device, you can also enjoy playback at the same time. This technology allows you to benefit from the powers of your home theater system without compromising on user experience.
Wireless audio streaming through Bluetooth is possible with the LG LHD756W Home Theater system. As long as you can connect your device to this home theater system via Bluetooth, it is possible to stream any audio content directly to your speakers. There is no need for a wired connection to the DVD-HTS from your mobile phone or tab. You can have live streaming up and be running in record time and enjoy your favorite song on superior sound.
When you get the LG LHD756W Home Theater system, replacing your DVD collection is not necessary as the DVD-HTS plays CD and DVD formats. The upscaling feature enhances image quality with HDMI for a more exceptional entertainment experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for LG LHD756W Home Theater System

Q. How good is the sound configuration in the LG LHD756W?
A. You can enjoy music with a 1200 watts 5.1 channel and exquisite audio with bass.

Q. Does it have Dual Subwoofer?
A. Yes. You are offered with a Dual Subwoofer.

Q. Is the speaker wireless?
A. Yes. Stream any audio from your mobile devices to the LG DVD-HTS Receiver with no wires, thanks to the Wireless Bluetooth Audio Streaming.

Q. Is it possible to store files using USB devices?
A. Yes. You can play and record files using USB devices.

Q. Does the LG LHD756W play CDs and DVDs?
A. Yes. When you get the LG LHD756W Home Theater system, do not worry about your priced DVD and CD collections as the DVD-HTS plays CD and DVD formats.

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