Philips 1.2L Air Fryer HD9248 price in Dubai, UAE

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Technical Specifications for Philips 1.2L Air Fryer HD9248

Actual Capacity 1.2 Kg

Details of Philips 1.2L Air Fryer HD9248

With the arrival new technologies, a lot has changed in our daily lives, affecting even the way we prepare our food. This change in the way we cook have also have changed our taste preferences. Imagine preparing a very well-fried meal with 80% less oil. Philips, one of the leading producers of electronics, has made this possible through manufacturing Philips HD9248, a rapid air technology fryer to fry your food, grill and even bake.

This is a black stainless-steel fryer, the material makes it easy to clean up and the food does not stick. The frying basket is made of a non-stick material so that your food does not get stuck on the basket. It is curvy and has a digital screen above the handle.

This fryer has a frying capacity of 1.2 kg, large enough to fry food for your family at once. It uses Rapid Air Technology to prepare your food, ensuring that the food is healthy and so you don’t have to worry about radiations in your meals. This fryer has a ready signal that warns you when food is ready and if you don’t hear the signal don’t worry it has an auto shut-off that turns it down once the food is ready. The base of the fryer is fixed with non-slip feet that ensures that the fryer doesn’t slide off smooth surfaces.
You don’t have to worry about energy consumption as it uses very little energy to prepare your meals. Operating this fryer only requires 2100 W of power at a voltage of 220-230 V. This way little energy compared to previous cooking methods thus it is economical and save you money when it comes to bills.

This fryer is divided half way whereas the upper part of the fryer consists of the controls. The control is made of a tiny digital touch screen where you set your preferences, amount of heat and time of cooking. The lower half is the frying basket that is attached to a strong and stylish handle. The handle is strong enough to support the weight of the fryer with food in it. When you buy the fryer, you will get a recipe book that explains to you how to prepare a lot of new meals.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for Philips HD9248

Q. How much does the device weigh?
A. The Air-fryer weighs around 7 kilograms.

Q. What is the frying capacity of the device?
A. The device has a frying capacity of 1.2 kilograms.

Q. Does the device have a display?
A. Yes, the device features a digital touch screen display.

Q. How much time control can be featured in the device?
A. Up to 60 minutes of time control can be featured in the device.

Q. Does the device feature dishwasher safe parts?
A. Yes, the device features dishwasher safe parts.

Q. How much power does the device consume?
A. The device consumes 2100 watts of electricity.

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