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(average 3.4 out of 5 from 9 ratings)
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AED 84
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Product Samsung E1205 - 8MB, 2G GSM, Black
Price 84 AED

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Updated On:20-08-2018 6:10 AM
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Samsung E1205 - 8MB, 2G GSM, Black

Updated On:20-08-2018 6:10 AM
84 AED

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Details of Samsung GT-E1205T

The Samsung E1205T GT-E1205T is a quality smartphone that was released to compete with other low budget smartphones in the market. This phone has an uncluttered modern design and features to match this.


This phone is characterized by a full-size screen that has a clearer and more vivid color compared to most entrant phones. The phone houses an Infra GSM 2G and SGP OS but you will have any need for this information when you experience the generously sized display with more readable, crisp clear and lifelike colors.


This Samsung phone has been designed to offer convenience in terms of communication. It boasts of a new rubber anti-dust keypad that enhances usability and maintains the cleanliness of your handset. All the popular key functions are centralized by the superior 5-way navigation, making it easy to access all your most important functions such as your phone contacts and call history.


This phone has a simple but modern design. The slim and compact dimensions of the phone not only prove a comfortable grip, but also make it easy to hold and carry around. A spare bar on the edges creates a captivating color contrast and indeed a touch of style. The back has a scalloped surface for better grip.

Pricing and offers 

The best price of Samsung E1205T GT-E1205T is AED 84, available at Souq.

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Ratings for Samsung E1205T GT-E1205T
(average 3.4 out of 5 from 9 ratings)

Samsung E1205T GT-E1205T
(average 3.4 out of 5 from 9 ratings)
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