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Product Nike+ FuelBand SE Black-Pink Foil
Price 681 AED

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Updated On:21-02-2018 6:35 AM
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Nike+ FuelBand SE Black-Pink Foil

Updated On:21-02-2018 6:35 AM
681 AED

For AED 100 and Above (Excl. VAT) Shipping

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Technical Specifications for Nike Fuel Activity Tracker

Battery Up to4 hour
Water Resistance Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth , USB

Details of Nike Fuel Activity Tracker


The Nike FuelBand is a simple fitness tracker that has an attractive design and stays out of your way as you do your workout or normal physical activities. The Nike Fuel’s pedometer tracks how much calories you have burned or the steps you have taken.


It has a comfortable 0.6 inch thick design and Bluetooth syncing. IT monitors all your daily activities and has 100 white LED display. It has features like Nike Fuel, step counts and calories burned counts.


Aside from its stylish design, the Nike FuelBand won’t get in your way with whatever physical activities you are doing, even if you are taking a sprint or playing tennis, you will barely feel it’s there on your wrist. It is water resistant, taking a shower with the Nike FuelBand on you or wearing it out on the rain would be just fine but it isn’t good enough for a swim.


The FuelBand has additional spacers which will fit with wrists of different sizes. The circumference of the device is 5.79 inches at the smallest and 7.76 inches at its largest and weighs around .95 ounce to 1.13 ounces depending on the spacers.

Pricing and offers 

The best price of Nike Fuel is AED 681, available at Letstango.

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User reviews of Nike Fuel

  • Mohsin Chaudhry
    March 19, 2015

    Comfortable design activity tracker

  • Hasan Al-Iessa
    March 19, 2015

    too much money to spend for watch

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