Nikai 3D Smart Curved UHD TV Series UHD55SLED price in Dubai, UAE

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Technical Specifications for Nikai 3D Smart Curved UHD TV Series UHD55SLED

Available Screen Sizes 55 inch
Screen Resolution UHD
Panel Type LED
Curved No
Screen 3D No
Connectivity LAN, Wi-Fi
Other Features Android 4.2, SMART Share

Details of Nikai 3D Smart Curved UHD TV Series UHD55SLED

The NIKAI UHD55SLED TV sets are a whole revolution in terms of delivering the modern source of entertainment, right from the technological bit to the model look.

The superior value of the NIKAI UHD55SLED TV sets, characterized by the sleekness features, makes them the ideal sitting room decor. These TV sets provide perfect black levels, rich in colors and high level of brightness.

The NIKAI UHD55SLED relay excellent pictures with high definition pictures. Besides connectivity, other features such as HDMI ports, and USB make it possible to view multimedia files on the television.
The NIKAI UHD55SLED TV's ultra-component resolution converts any content into a sharper HD picture on a screen. The TV sets allow you to browse website contents and cast them to your TV at the push of a button. These TV sets have HD engine that optimizes pictures to ensure a high quality.

Its design makes it possible for you to enjoy using your smart device for other things, even when the casted content is playing on your TV.

Pricing and Offers

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User reviews of NIKAI UHD55SLED

  • Sybel Espadilla
    October 29, 2015

    Picture clarity, audio, and other features